Draft the deft marksmen of the Matchlock Ashigaru (4-Star) via in-game events starting today!

Log into Conqueror’s Blade every day until August 3 (maintenance) to gather 5x Ashigaru Shields per day (35 total) and 1x Random Scroll of Mastery. Keep hold of those Ashigaru Shields, as you’ll need 100 to unlock the Unit! 

Stay tuned for more info on events where you can grab Ashigaru Shields starting from August 3!

While they fight with firearms rather than follow the way of the sword, the Matchlock Ashigaru are an elite force to be reckoned with. Their great achievements cemented their name in the history books.

Jump into Conqueror's Blade now and start earning Ashigaru Shields so you can fight with the Matchlock Ashigaru by your side.