Advance to capture flags in a new two-player PVE Mode: Together to Victory! Co-operate with a friend as you move on five flag points, before launching an assault on the final base to seize the day.

Victory will reward you with Artificer's Stones and Lesser Scrolls of Glory, with additional bonuses available by completing Warden Quests. 

This limited-time event ends July 27, so come together and take arms today!

Together to Victory: Rules

  • This is a two-player co-op mode.
  • There are five flags in total. Capturing a flag will extend the time limit of the mode.
  • Victory Condition: Capture the final base.

Battle Drops

  • Drops can be earned by winning in Together to Victory up to three times per week, across two weeks while the event is active.
  • Players will receive 5x Lesser Scrolls of Glory and 5x Artificer’s Stones per victory (up to a maximum of three victories per week).
  • The weekly reset for the drops will take place on Thursday at 00:00 Server Time.

Warden Quests

Three Weekly Quests and two one-off Quests are available to pick up from the Warden. Complete them to unlock Uncommon and Rare Wisdom, plus Uncommon Scrolls of Mastery!

Team up and fight today!