Unlock a treasure trove of amazing items between now and July 27! Use Vault Keys to purchase a maximum of 10 Merchant’s Troves from ‘O’ menu to randomly receive special items from a pool of rewards. 

You can receive any of the 10 available rewards in any order, and you’re guaranteed to receive all possible rewards if you open all 10 Merchant’s Troves. The grand prize to set your sights on is the Black Tassels Unit Attire, a samurai-inspired armour set complemented by a gilded sanguine fabric.

The first Merchant’s Trove is free, with subsequent Troves’ Vault Key requirements increasing the more you open. 

Here’s what’s on offer from the rewards pool:

  • 2x Rare Schematic Selection Boxes
  • 100,000 Bronze Coins
  • 50x Unit Medals
  • 60x Powdered Silvers
  • 40x Artificer’s Stones
  • 50x Uncommon Scrolls of Mastery
  • 4x Epic Wisdoms
  • 5x Golden Keys
  • 1x Epic Hero Schematic Crate
  • Black Tassels Unit Attire

Open up Merchant’s Troves between now and July 27!