Unlock the Deadly Art Attire Chest with Golden Keys via the ‘G’ menu before July 27 to claim exclusive Weapon Skins and Hero Attire!

Eight Principles Glaive

The Deadly Art Attire Chest has a chance of containing the unique Eight Principles Glaive, a Weapon Skin with unique inky visual effects, sure to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. The Chest is also teeming with Attire and other items for you to claim.


Check out the full contents of the Deadly Art Attire Chest in-game.

Get Your Marching Orders!

While you're trying out your new Glaive, why not stock up on your war supplies with new Marching Orders! Use Sovereigns or Silver Coins to purchase Warrants, then login to Conqueror’s Blade daily for a week to complete missions and collect your rewards. 

Rewards include:

  • Artificer’s Stones
  • Bronze
  • Powdered Silver 
  • Silver Keys
  • Greater Scrolls of Glory
  • & more!