From now until July 20 (08:00 server time), the Doctrine Dash is on! Complete challenges and progress through Free and Premium stages to receive rewards including Seasonal Doctrine Selection Boxes where you can select from the following items:

  • Treatises
  • Wuxing Blood Doctrine
  • Crescent Monks Endurance Doctrine
  • Yanyuedao Control Doctrine
  • And more!

Also up for grabs are exclusive Doctrines for the new Seasonal Units from Conqueror’s Blade: Sengoku—-Ronin, Onna-musha, and Orochi Samurai (not included in the Seasonal Doctrine Selection Box). 

Make sure to activate your Premium Account status before you begin so you can complete extra challenges!

New Doctrine Excavation Site

Until July 27 (08:00 server time), enjoy a new limited-time Doctrine Pool: Meadow of Broken Reeds. Consume your Treatises to be in with a chance of uncovering an Epic Lance Doctrine.

Ready yourself to rush for Doctrines!