Conqueror’s Blade: Sengoku comes fully loaded with three brand-new Japanese-inspired Seasonal Units, and each has its own unique story.

We spoke with the developers at Booming Tech about the inspiration behind the Orochi Samurai (5-Star Unit).

Q: Do you have any tips for countering this strong Unit?


A: Taking them on directly with shields. Heavy shield infantry Units are capable of easily blocking attacks like those of the Orochi Samurai.

Q: The Orochi Samurai blaze onto the battlefield in threatening blood-red armour; is this inspired by the tosei-gusoku style of armour which appeared during the Sengoku period?


A: Very much so. We also took inspiration from the Sanada family's crest and the armour style of the late Warring States period.

Q: During the real-life Sengoku period, Samurai culture loosened and was no longer just for those of high social status. Are the Orochi Samurai just regular people who made a name for themselves as warriors, too?


A: While mighty warriors indeed, the Orochi Samurai are lauded for their loyalty to the Sanada family. They are commoners in social status, but nobles in terms of conviction and spirit.


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