WildBlood has been charging across the European West server since it first came online and came to prominence during the game’s first tournament early in the year. Currently, lead by “gruen”, the house is currently a key member of Elysium alliance and hopes to one day become known as one of the most prominent German-speaking guilds in the game.  

How did you first find out about Conqueror’s Blade and what attracted you to the game?

In the fall of 2018 I became aware of the game for the first time. Then, in December, I plunged into the adventure. The wide variety of opportunities that are offered by Conqueror's Blade were a strong incentive.

Why did you decide to set up a house in Conqueror’s Blade?

The founder of the house and of the WildBlood community is Gianni. He laid the cornerstone of our house and recruited a large bunch of players. Then TitanKali took over - under whose leadership WildBlood remained a solid and esteemed member of the alliance network. Unfortunately, personal reasons forced him to give up his position, but he remains one of our diplomats. After his resignation, I, gruen, received the sceptre. I will do my very best to honour the reputation of WildBlood and to spread its word, together with its members.

What do you think makes your house different?

We were founded during the first Closed Beta of Conqueror's Blade. Therefore, we have a good mix of veteran players and new people who accompany us on our journey. Our house works as a team and everyone who is with us should feel like a full member. We have solid structures which consist of short interviews as an introduction, documents and support for novices, as well as group combat systems for large scale battles.

What does the house hope to achieve - what will be its legacy in years to come?

We want to secure our rank in CB so that every house that has participated in battles will know and respect our name. Of course we don't mind if our enemies are a little afraid of us, too. Seriously. We want to be a German house which remains important until the end and which fights together with its allies for territories. It might sound a little cheeky but I hope that someday WildBlood will be known as the mightiest German speaking house on the server.

What’s your favourite class to play and why?

I use Shortsword and Shield. This class helps me to protect my team, annoy my opponents and infuriate them with pinpricks. It's a very versatile class. I love it.

What activities does the house regularly engage in and enjoy?

I think that most people enjoy working and playing together. You don't have to give 100% in every game, sometimes it's more fun to laugh with friends, have fun but still win in the end. Of course, the territorial wars are a big factor when it comes to this. That our structure works can be seen in the way our members are able to focus on the present moment. Everybody knows that in Territory Wars discipline and respect are vital. We play as a unit and show opponents that team spirit is more important than numbers. WildBlood is a house that is renowned for its quality and that's due to the members and their commitment to their fellow players.

Who are your most trusted warlords and what roles do they command within the organization?

Our strategists and diplomats! It's thanks to them that our house is doing so well. I would like to mention Dragix, Avison and Talryk as outstanding examples. They project the TW battle plans which lead us to success. Then there is my diplomat TitanKali. Together we manage external relations and take care of our allies. But there are also the group leaders in the TWs. They command our groups on the battlefield.

If someone wanted to join your house or start a dialogue towards trade or establishing a pact, what should they do?

The easiest way to communicate with us is to meet us on our Discord. When it comes to diplomatic questions you can address our diplomats. If you want to apply to our community, please contact one of our officers or write something in the lobby. We will reply to your request as soon as possible.

Are there other houses that you admire or that you consider to be natural allies?

Yes, the house of Falcata! They are our oldest and most reliable ally. And then there is also the House of AzurInfinitum. They have just joined us but they are already one of our closest partners. They are strong, trustworthy and an important part of our Alliance "Elysium".

Conversely, are they are houses that you'd consider mortal enemies?

Of course there are houses with rather negative relationships. Since nobody wants to only stay in their fiefs, you have to conquer territories which annoys other houses. The game explicitly invites you to do that. But I would never speak of mortal enemies in this context.


Many thanks to gruen for answering our questions. If you know of a house that is deserving of similar recognition that we should profile in the future article, please make your nomination via our Discord channel.