Weekly News Summary (September 13, 2019)


Once agin we find ourselves at the cusp of another weekend, ready to ride headlong into bloody battle. Before we do, there’s just enough time to remind ourselves of what’s been in the Conqueror’s Blade headlines over the last few days.

...Guides, mostly, which is to be expected after something as seismic as the Pre-Season Update. Headlining them all was a look at the new War Scholar, a new NPC that provides unit upgrades and XP via all the Doctrines and Signacula he can fetch from ancient battlefields.

For those eager for some insight into what decides all those D and D+ ratings you’ve been receiving for all your valiant efforts in battle, we also took a look at the updated scoring system. Meanwhile, our tactical department recently submitted its report on the best way to tackle Border Fort.

Community-wise, this week’s profile comes from house Templarios on the NA server. We also amplified a call to arms on the EU West 2 server, with news of a player-run duelling tournament scheduled to get underway tomorrow. 

We’ll hopefully bring you a report on that next week, as well as a full recap on everything else that’s been going on. See you then!