Community streamer Death3691 is hosting a 1v1 duelling tournament this weekend to which all are invited to prove themselves before a live internet audience. For the last warlords standing there is Premium Access time and a purse of Sovereigns to be won.

In order to take part, you’ll need to sign up via Discord. Then, upon being confirmed as a combatant, you must to be ready to do battle on the EU West 2 server at 14:00 CEST (5am PDT) on Saturday 14th September. You might need to allow for some travel time, as the fighting will be held at Verschollen Kastell, which is on the edge of the Borderlands.  

Be aware that the tournament is not being administered by MY.GAMES, so the rules and their enforcement is entirely down to the host. However, Death3692 does have some experience of these things, having hosted a similar contest recently on the NA server. If the EUW2 tournament is as much of a success as we expect, expect the arena tour to continue elsewhere.

To all those about to duel, we salute you! May the best warlord win!