House Profile: TEMPLARIOS


With territories astride the Northern Great Range and as a part of the Crusaders alliance, TEMPLARIOS counts Ming’s closest allies among its enemies and aims to establish a Latin Empire across the North American server. It’s leader Forastero tells all... 

What attracted you to Conqueror’s Blade? 
Found it through youtube videos. It attracted me is the mix between Total War, Mount & Blade and an RPG.

Why did you decide to establish a house? 
In the beginning, I had a hard time finding other latin people, so I decided to set up the house to create a community for us.

What makes TEMPLARIOS different? 
We are a tight community that has always kept its word and fought houses above our weight.

What does the house hope to achieve? 
We would like to form and establish Imperio-Latino (Latin-Empire). 

What’s your favourite class to play as? 
The Longsword is my favorite class. I have always played as a tank class.

What activities does the house regularly enjoy? 
Mainly Territory Wars. Outside that, we participate together in sieges, deathmatches, etc.

Who are your most trusted warlords and what roles do they command? 
Strategy – PepeSeven, Teilak, Imperialo
Diplomacy – Angelus, Josephwolf, Neferia, Zeus
Field Captains – Roguerta, PeditodeElefante, Krindon, 

If someone wanted to contact TEMPLARIOS what should they do? 
For pacts or trades they should contact one of our diplomats. For recruiting, any of the above via Discord

Are there other houses that you consider to be natural allies? 
We always had a friendly relationship with Spartans. When the Ming alliances entered Ostaria, we started working together to repel the threat.

What about enemies?
TempestWolves, we have been fighting them since the beginning of the game.

Many thanks to Forastero for answering our questions. If you know of a house that is deserving of similar recognition that we should profile in the future article, please make your nomination via our Discord channel.