Play daily and take on quests to earn heavenly rewards to exchange for special Doctrines in the latest Stargazer’s Wisdom Event!

Enjoy the following events in Conqueror’s Blade from April 13-27:

  • Sign-in Event: Log in daily to earn Silver Keys, Artificer’s Stones, Rare Wisdoms, Epic Artillery, and Astronomer's Almanacs (which can be traded for limited-time rewards).
  • Warden Quests: Complete Quests from the Warden to earn Bronze, Honour, and Flasks of Wisdom (which can be traded for limited-time rewards).
  • Doctrine Pool: Until May 11 (08:00 Server Time), enjoy a limited-time Doctrine Pool.

Doctrine Exchange 

Pick up Astronomer’s Almanacs from your daily login rewards and complete quests from the Warden for Flasks of Wisdom, then head to the Event Exchange to trade both these items for Treatises, Uncommon Wisdoms, Artificer’s Stones, and Special Doctrines! 

  • Eternal Doctrines: Unleash the power of the Eternal Units with unique Doctrines for the Wuxing Pikemen, Crescent Monks, and Yanyuedao Cavalry.
  • Historical Doctrine Selection Box: Choose from a selection of Doctrines including Berserkers, Myrmillones, Camel Lancers, and more!

Reward exchanges are available until April 27 (08:00 server time).

Celestial Attire Chests

Use your Golden Keys via the ‘G’ menu Store to grab astral Attire Chests, with out-of-this-world contents including Hero and Unit Attire, Banners, and more until April 27 (08:00 server time).

  • Owl of Minerva Attire Chest: Open this magical chest for a chance to obtain the Owl of Minerva Hero Attire, Wings of Minerva Mount Set, and much more!
  • Centauri Stars Attire Chest: This star-studded offering can contain the Centaur's Wrath Bow Weapon Attire.

Check out the drop rates for all Attire Chests in-game via the ‘G’ menu.