Three new Units are available to add to your Warband in Conqueror’s Blade: Eternal, each inspired by the legends of Ancient China

We spoke to the developers at Booming Tech about the process behind bringing these Eternal Units to life in Conqueror’s Blade. 

Q: The Yanyuedao Cavalry is unique in its “charge up” method of fighting. How do you think they stack up against other cavalry Units?

A: Although regular cavalry Units can deal high damage during their charges, the damage dealt is essentially the same throughout the entire charging process. Therefore, players cannot achieve better combat performance through real-time control of the cavalry. However, the Yanyuedao Cavalry is capable of charging up momentum during the entire movement process, and players can choose to release the power equivalent to a full charge of other cavalry Units in one single moment. This requires a higher understanding of battlefield situations and is also more powerful at optimal performance.

Q: Will we see other unique mechanics for Units on horseback in the future, such as rearing attacks or kicking from the animals themselves?

A: We maintain a cautious attitude towards launching new cavalry Units, as cavalry should be a rare and special force that can achieve a decisive victory in critical moments, whether in real historical wars or on the virtual battlefield. Every cavalry Unit we introduce is designed to address scenarios where players may feel powerless, such as facing a wall of heavily-armoured infantry. As such, we may explore the addition of new cavalry Units with unique mechanics in the future.

Q: What role do you see the Yanyuedao Cavalry playing on the battlefield?

A: Mounting Dread is the special mechanic this Unit boasts, allowing them to unleash a significant amount of damage. This skill proves to be particularly effective in breaking through heavily-armoured infantry formations and also grants them an advantage in cavalry-to-cavalry combat.

Q: Do you have any tips for countering this Unit?

A: The Yanyuedao Cavalry is not particularly strong in terms of defence and is vulnerable to control effects. The Modao Battlion's damage reduction effect can be effective in countering the high damage output of the Yanyuedao Cavalry, while the Imperial Pike Guards' Advance can effectively impede their movement. For most Units, it is recommended to engage the Yanyuedao Cavalry before they can fully charge up their attack or to quickly disperse once their glaives light up to avoid being caught in a devastating charge and prolonging the engagement.

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