Sinister rifts have fractured the boundaries between two worlds. Cross blades in the Conqueror's Blade Naraka: Bladepoint limited-time crossover event, available between now and April 13!

Limited-Time Naraka: Bladepoint Events

Experience the action-packed battle royale world of Naraka: Bladepoint as it collides with the massively multiplayer online real-time tactics of Conqueror’s Blade. Jump into Naraka: Bladepoint-themed events until April 13!

  • Sign-in Event: Log in to Conqueror’s Blade and receive daily rewards until April 16, including Silver Keys, Treatises, Artificer’s Stones, and Rift Coins. Use Rift Coins to help out in the Closing The Rift event!
  • No Damage to Unit Kits: Incur no damage to your Unit Kits every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.
  • Doctrine Pool: The new Torn Skies Doctrine Pool is available at excavation sites.
  • Free Doctrine-Removals: Removing Doctrines won't cost any Lotus Water, so you can try out a variety of loadouts with ease (ends April 2).
  • April Fools Random Riches: Trade in your Vault Keys for up to 10 April Fools Random Riches, and grab Bronze, Golden Keys, Epic Wisdoms, and more! You can also pick up a Mask Selection Box, where you can choose from three fun and foolish masks!

Closing The Rift 

Donate Rift Coins to help close the sinister rifts between worlds,and earn rewards for you and your server before April 20

Collect Rift Coins and Rift Blossoms from matchmaking battle rewards, Riot Act Mode, daily sign-ins, and the Fortune’s Bounty Event, and exchange them for exclusive rewards. Claim The Arisen One or Serpent Sacrifice Hero Attires (based on the heroes Tianhai and Viper Ning from Naraka: Bladepoint), the Rift Avatar, and more!

Limited-Time Mode: Riot Act

Start a riot in this new PvP event mode, available until April 13! The mysterious rifts that have appeared in the world have driven the prisoners of the Wolf Cages insane, causing them to riot. Quash the revolt as Guards (Defenders), or join the chaos as Prisoners (Attackers). 

Guards must capture all the Prisoners by pushing them back into the prison to win, while Attackers can achieve victory by collecting 20 Treasure Chests.

You can also complete Quests in Riot Act to earn special rewards. Check out all the rules and details in-game!

New Sales

As worlds collide, new opportunities arise! Browse the following sales in-game, and shop to your hearts’ content.

  • Special Random Artillery: Pick up a Random Artillery Chest every day at the in-game Store, and grab awesome Artillery!
  • Onibi's Army Attire Chest: Snatch glorious Attires from the new Onibi’s Army Attire Chest, including the magnificent Onibi Tenmu Hero Attire, Tenmu's Steed Mount Set, and the Onibi Guard Unit Attire.
  • Attire Shop Changes: Spend your hard-earned Fragments and Curios on the Wildwood Ranger Attire, Wildwood Ranger Mount Set, and Free Foresters Unit Attire, now available in the Attire Shop (‘G’).

Fortune’s Bounty: Naraka Edition

Claim exclusive rewards when you spend Sovereigns at the in-game Store. The more Sovereigns you spend before April 20 (08:00 server time), the more items you receive!

Check out the details for the new Fortune’s Bounty event below:



Bonus Items

500 Sovereigns

1x Golden Key

50x Raven Feather 

1,000 Sovereigns

1x Golden Key

50x Raven Feather 

2,000 Sovereigns

2x Golden Keys

100x Raven Feather 

3,000 Sovereigns

2x Golden Keys

100x Raven Feather 

5,000 Sovereigns

3x Golden Keys

200x Raven Feather 

10,000 Sovereigns

Epic Title: Sunwing's Gold

500x Raven Feather 

20,000 Sovereigns

5x Golden Keys

1,000x Raven Feather 

30,000 Sovereigns

8x Golden Keys

1,000x Raven Feather 

Exchange your Raven Feather  for Curios, Lotus Water, Golden Keys, and more at the Exchange Interface before April 27 (08:00 server time)!

Experience the Conqueror's Blade X Naraka: Bladepoint crossover now!