Three new Units are available to add to your Warband in Conqueror’s Blade: Eternal, each inspired by the legends of Ancient China and bringing unique talents to the battlefield.

We spoke to the developers at Booming Tech about all things Eternal Units, from historical and mythological inspiration to tactical uses in battle.

Q: The Crescent Monks are based on the legendary hero Lu Zhishen from the classic Chinese novel Water Margin. What was it about this character that inspired you the most?

A: Lu Zhishen is known for his courage, righteousness, and strong sense of justice. He fought in countless battles and defeated innumerable enemies, ultimately achieving enlightenment and becoming a Buddhist monk. His story is widely known and admired by Chinese people as a beloved heroic figure. This Unit is mainly inspired by Lu Zhishen, and we aim to showcase his heroic spirit on the battlefield.

Q: The Monk’s Spade that this Unit wields is a very unique weapon and takes inspiration from old China, where Buddhist monks often carried shovels with them on the road to properly bury any corpses they found, as well as defend themselves against bandits. Why did you choose to give the Crescent Monks this weapon?

A: It's quite common for travelling Buddhist monks to carry a small shovel, which can come in handy in various situations. In times of war and turmoil, it's common to come across dead animals or even human corpses along the roadside, and compassionate monks can use their shovels to provide a proper burial for them. 

Q: The Crescent Monks are great for crowd control with their sweeping motions with the Monk’s Spade. Do you see them as a viable option to choose as a pushing force in battle?

A: Crescent Monks possess an extraordinary amount of strength, making their area-of-effect attacks and crowd-control abilities extremely potent. However, due to the absence of armour protection, they are also highly susceptible to being controlled. Therefore, the optimal scenario for Crescent Monks is engaging in one-on-one combat or providing continuous output while being protected by allies on the front line. When facing multiple enemies alone or enemies with ranged abilities, they become vulnerable.

Q: Which Units would you pit the Crescent Monks against for a fearsome battle?

The Crescent Monks have some degree of advantage against all melee Units, but they have no means of counterattack against long-range Heroes, skills, or high-burst skills such as the charge of the Myrmillones or the sweeps of the Silahdars. 

Q: There are only nine Monks in this Unit, what was the reason for their low numbers?

A: The Crescent Monks are designed as heroic characters with distinct personalities rather than just well-trained troops. Therefore, we opted for fewer numbers to emphasise their unique traits.

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