The Crescent Monks are ready and waiting to fight by your side. Begin your legendary journey with this brand-new Unit in Conqueror’s Blade: Eternal and unlock them via Unit Challenges.


The Crescent Monks can be unlocked by completing Unit Challenges. They come with a Seasonal Bonus in the form of Leadership requirements decreased by 15 points for the duration of the Season. 


The Crescent Monks are a rowdy bunch, and rarely embody the spirit of their religious namesake. They model their lives on legendary hero Lu Zhishen, who became a monk to lay low after an accidental slaying, and use their mild-mannered appearance to their advantage.

This Unit can inflict damage to the surrounding area, take far less fire damage than other corps, and use their signature Monk’s Spade weapon to sweep away their foes.

Strengths & Weaknesses 

This Unit’s range of damage is their greatest strength, and the Crescent Monks are able to deal damage to any and all enemies within reach, instead of a single target.

The Crescent Monks are low in numbers, so use the nine soldiers tactically to gain an advantage in battle or risk losing them early in the fight.

Just The Facts: Crescent Monks (4-Star)


  • Dispersed: The Unit spreads out to avoid ranged attacks and artillery.

Unit Traits

  • Eternal Servitude: Leadership cost is reduced by 15 points while the Eternal Season is active. 
  • Area Effect: The Unit affects all enemies within reach rather than hitting a single enemy with each strike.
  • Block & Strike: Enemy melee attacks can be blocked while using attack combos.
  • Resist Flame: The Crescent Monks are more resistant to thermal weapons and attacks.

Unit Orders

  • Deadly Epicycle: The Unit spins its weapons overhead continuously, inflicting damage as they advance until ordered to stop.
  • Crescent Moon: A simple and direct attack intended to sweep the enemy away.

The Crescent Monks are available to unlock via Unit Challenges.

NOTE: The above information is correct as of the time of publication. Please check in-game for the most up-to-date Unit information.