We hope you’re enjoying our Ancient China-themed season: Eternal. It's the culmination of months of work, and the team was working on polishing it up right to the very launch itself, all to give you the best experience possible. We're incredibly thankful to all the players who reached out to us to share feedback ASAP after seeing the new content and participating in playtests. 

Conqueror’s Blade: Eternal has been available for about a week now, and we've seen our communities pose plenty of questions in that time. We'll be answering some of these burning questions during today's Q&A. 

Q: There are too few donatable items as it stands and farming Siege battles for a week isn't enough for me to max out on Fame. Can you add more ways in which to earn Fame?

A: As one of the most important resource acquisitions, we want you to receive gains from Fame throughout each Season, as an integral part of the Seasonal experience. We've seen for ourselves that earning Fame has been somewhat difficult. Rest assured, we're adding basic resources, exotics, and regional exotics to the list of donatable resources with the March 2 update. You'll now be able to gather resources on the World Map and trade these in for Fame.

Plus, some of the item rewards aren't all that helpful for daily gameplay, so we'll be replacing random Attire rewards with other rewards later this Season. We'll keep an eye on how these changes pan out and follow feedback to see if we need to make further changes.

Q: How many Artificer's Stones can I expect to earn throughout a Season, and how many reforges will that give me?

A: Disregarding any Artificer's Stones from limited-time events, you'll be able to earn 25 per week simply from weekly quests and the Fame Envoy. That amounts to 500 stones a Season. If you've got all the other materials, you'll be able to reforge 35+ rare equipment per Season.

Q: Will my equipment's endurance reach max if I can't reforge it?

A: We've raised the endurance cap of reforged equipment. Taking a pair of Legendary Carnifex's Gloves as an example, we've raised the endurance cap from 115 to 330, plus we've reduced the rate of wear and tear. Reforging will reduce this rate to 28% of what it was before.

Furthermore, if you bring a piece of new equipment into about five Siege battles per day, it'll still have some endurance left by the end of the Season. For most players, endurance won't be a very pressing issue. On the other hand, you can earn Artificer's Stones throughout the Season to refresh the endurance cap of equipment.

Q: How do I earn this Season's weapon skins?

A: The Season's weapon skins will be available from an ‘All or Nothing’ event, but we've made some improvements to it too! We're changing the mode into Escalation (Siege) soon, with a fair ruleset. By fair, we mean a mode where everyone has access to the same Units regardless of what they've unlocked. Each Warlord will have 900 leadership, each attacker can deploy two rare Artillery, and each defender can deploy one rare Artillery. You may match for this mode with a party of up to three. Hopefully, the gameplay will be as rewarding as the rewards themselves!

Q: We've had an influx of new players joining our House. Is Unit Sharing coming, and if so, when?

A: Yes, Unit Sharing is coming. We estimate that Unit Sharing will be available again following the April 6 update. The reason for this is that we've added new modes and features to the game, including Escalation (Siege), and we need to make revisions to Unit Sharing so that it fits these too. 

We hope that these answers will shed light on some of the questions you've had regarding Conqueror’s Blade: Eternal. And, once again, please share as much feedback as you can with us via Discord, and we will monitor your thoughts regarding new and returning features this Season.