Strike from the shadows in Conqueror’s Blade: Scorpio, the new Season now available as a free update! Become a deadly assassin, battle through the ranks in a new Seasonal Campaign, unlock Units inspired by ancient Persian factions, and enjoy special launch events and sales. You can also ready yourself to wield a new Weapon Class: the Chain Dart & Scimitar, launching December 8 (preorders now available)!

The Scorpio Battle Pass is now available to buy in-game and from Steam, with the Guild Agent Hero Attire granted as an instant unlock.

Three New Seasonal Units

Three new Seasonal Units inspired by legendary factions of ancient Persia will be available to unlock via Unit Challenges throughout the Season, each bringing distinctive and deadly talents to the battle:

  • Jangjus (3-Star)Available Now: The Jangjus specialise in both melee and close-range combat through the use of scimitars and throwing knives, and are able to attack while on the move.
  • Camel Lancers (4-Star)Coming December 5: An elite cavalry who can trample enemies, brace for impact, and startle enemy horses.
  • Hashashins (5-Star)Coming December 26: The Hashashins use smoke to slip into the shadows. They can be ordered to deftly approach a target while avoiding arrows, and can quickly destroy enemies with low defence stats.

Scorpio Battle Pass: Exclusive Free & Premium Rewards

Scorpio is here, and many rewards are yours to earn in the Battle Pass! Over 100 levels of Free and Premium rewards can be claimed by completing Seasonal Challenges, earning Glory, and levelling up during the season. Equip your band of assassins with the Ashur Vanguard Unit Attire, and gallop into the sandstorm with the Shabdiz's Heir Mount Set. At Tier 100 sits a prize fit for a truly deadly assassin—-the Noble Hashashin Hero Attire.

Guild Agent Hero Attire will be granted as an instant reward when you purchase the Battle Pass in-game for 1,000 Sovereigns, or from Steam. Conqueror’s Blade is a free-to-play game, and there are many epic rewards to be earned on the Free Pass too.

Draw Blades from the Battle Pass to exchange in the Seasonal Store for Antique variants of cosmetics previously only available in Highlanders!

Preorder the Chain Dart & Scimitar (New Weapon Class)

The Chain Dart & Scimitar is the thirteenth Weapon Class to arrive in Conqueror’s Blade and boasts a hook to pull enemies into your grasp, smoke bombs, and slashing capabilities with the Scimitar.

From now until December 8 (08:00 Server Time), you can pre-order the new Weapon Class and pick up the following bundles for 10% off at the in-game Store, packed with deadly content:

  • Chain Dart & Scimitar Challenge Bundle: Comes with the Chain Dart & Scimitar unlock, the Trap Prey Ultimate Skill, and 2x Greater Scrolls of Glory.
  • Chain Dart & Scimitar Deluxe Bundle: Everything a would-be assassin could need is inside this bundle, including the Chain Dart & Scimitar unlock, the Trap Prey Ultimate Skill, 4x Greater Scrolls of Glory, an Epic Chain Dart & Scimitar Schematic, Fast Venom Chain Dart & Scimitar, and the Scarlet Nemesis Hero Attire.

Revamped Maps

Rally your band of assassins and battle on reworked versions of two of your favourite maps. Take on foes in Kurak Castle Redux and Empyrean Sands, available now in matchmaking rotation (Siege). 

Check out more information on the revamped maps here.

Seasonal Campaign: Scorpio

The Emperor has been assassinated. The fallout reaches the far corners of the region, and the people of Anadalou seek revenge for the slaying of their beloved leader. Suspecting his former comrade Zana to be responsible, Arun flees Reginopolis to prepare his homeland, Shahir, for war.

Prove your prowess in a brand new Seasonal Campaign and start your journey in the Borderlands or Anadolou, and play every week to follow the story and secure your standing. Battle in twice-weekly Territory Wars with your House and complete Stages to prepare for the final fight in Daicheng at the end of the Season.

Territory Wars 

Territory Wars begin on November 26 and will be waged every Tuesday and Saturday throughout Scorpio. Participate in epic server-wide PvP battles which form the lion’s share of endgame content in Conqueror’s Blade. 

Take part in Territory Wars by joining a player-controlled Free House or Alliance, or a Cohort (NPC-controlled House) and expand your empire by fighting alongside your fellow warlords via the ‘Battle’ interface or in the Open World to gain control of fiefs. 

This Season, the way you’re rewarded for Territory Wars in the new Season has changed. Triumph will now be awarded based on your Battle Score—to learn more, check out the dedicated article.

Season Launch Events

Begin your assassin’s quest with special launch events! 

  • Lotus Water Event: When removing an Epic Doctrine from a Unit using Lotus Water, it will now only consume 3x Lotus Water (instead of 5). This is only active until December 1 (23:59 server time).
  • Sign-in Event: Collect Ancient Treatises, Epic Artillery Selections, Doctrine Wisdoms, and more just by signing in to Conqueror’s Blade until December 8 (23:59 server time).
  • New Doctrine Pool: A new Doctrine Pool has opened at the War Scholar where you can use your Ancient Treatise until December 15 (08:00 server time).
  • Drops & Exchange: Play Matchmaking Battles to earn Turquoise Earrings and exchange them for rewards such as Wisdoms, Bronze, and Epic Weapon Schematic Selections until December 15 (08:00 server time).
  • Weapon Crafting Boost: Enjoy an increase of 20% for the chance to craft Epic and Legendary schematics for the Chain Dart & Scimitar until December 15 (08:00 server time).
  • Attire Chest Changes: New Attires are hitting the Attire Chest menu (‘G’). Trade in your Fragments and Curios for new garb!

Season Launch Sales

To celebrate the arrival of Scorpio, special launch sales are now active in-game until December 15. Pick up the following returning Attire Chests, and dress to impress for the new season: 

  • Owl of Minerva Attire Chest: Each Chest has a chance of dropping one Legendary or Epic Hero, Unit, or Mount Attires including the Owl of Minerva Hero Attire, Wings of Minerva Mount Set, Ice Wyvern Unit Attire, and the Dead of Winter Hero Attire.
  • Sea Monster Attire Chest: Sea Monster Attire Chests have a chance of containing the Midgard Serpent Shortsword & Shield, Antique Weapon Skins from Season IV: Blood of the Empire & Season V: Legacy of Fire, and much more!

Scorpio Twitch Drops

Tune in to Twitch streams hosted by select Conqueror’s Blade content creators until December 2 (12:00 UTC), rack up enough viewing time, and claim your spoils.

Claim Rare Doctrine Wisdoms, Lotus Water, Scrolls of Renewal, Greater Scrolls of Glory to boost your Battle Pass Tiers, and much more.

You can also claim one additional instant reward every day by watching for a total of one hour per day to earn a Twitch Drops Progression Bundle containing a combination of two Basic Supply Crates, two Common Honor Medals, or Lesser Scrolls of Glory.

How to link your account and claim Twitch Drops

To claim your items, make sure you link your Conqueror’s Blade account with your Twitch account:

  • Log in here (use your Steam account if that’s how you play the game).
  • Make sure to log in with your correct established account. If you register a new account, rewards will automatically be assigned to that account.
  • Select ‘Link with Twitch’, and make sure you confirm the connection.

If you’re having trouble, our handy video contains some tips and tricks to help you get started with Twitch Drops:


Where to watch Conqueror’s Blade on Twitch

If you’re new to Conqueror’s Blade on Twitch, the following channels are all participants in the Content Creator Program and will be streaming Conqueror’s Blade throughout this event as their schedules allow. Remember to follow or subscribe to those you enjoy!

Download and play Conqueror’s Blade: Scorpio today!

For more information about the new Season, check out the latest patch notes. New to the game? Conqueror’s Blade is available to download and play for free from the official website and Steam. Get the latest Conqueror’s Blade news by subscribing to the official newsletter and connecting with us on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Discord.