The Jangjus are ready to join your ranks. Unlock these melee mavericks in Conqueror’s Blade: Scorpio now via new Unit Challenges!


The Jangjus can be unlocked by completing Unit Challenges and come with a Seasonal Bonus in the form of Leadership requirements decreased by 10 points for the duration of the Season. 


The Jangjus have rural roots; plucked from obscurity to form the core of the Shahiri army and fight by General Hashem's side.

Their close-combat prowess is second only to their courage, but they often face defeat due to overextension. Their throwing knives are incredibly useful in maintaining mobility while also dealing damage.

Strengths & Weaknesses 

This Unit has little in the way of defensive capabilities, but their melee combat skills are excellent. Their throwing knives are their best attribute, and their ability to execute these attacks while on the move is highly useful.

The Jangjus can also move faster and deal increased damage for a short time, allowing them to perform quick burst attacks.

Just the facts: Jangjus (3-Star)


  • Dispersed: The Unit spreads out to avoid ranged attacks and artillery.

Unit Traits

  • Desert Warriors: Leadership cost is reduced by 10 points while the Scorpio Season is active.
  • Quickdraw: The Unit can throw their knives while on the move.
  • Full Attack: The Jangjus can utilise their throwing knives while in melee for damaging attacks. 

Unit Orders

  • Honed Edge: The Unit throws a knife in thecurrent facing direction. Their movement speed and damage dealt are increased for a short period of time.
  • Throw Knives: The Jangjus throw their knives in the designated direction. Their movement speed and damage dealt are increased for a short period of time.

The Jangjus are now available to unlock via Unit Challenges!

NOTE: The above information is correct as of the time of publication. Please check in-game for the most up-to-date Unit information.