Take on new quests to earn cosmic rewards to exchange for special Doctrines in the Stargazer’s Wisdom Event!

  • Sign-in Event: Log in daily to earn Silver Keys, Treatises and Astronomer's Almanacs (which can be traded for limited-time rewards).
  • Warden Quests: Complete Quests from the Warden to earn Bronze, Honour, and tradeable Flasks of Wisdom.

Doctrine Exchange

Log in daily to pick up Astronomer’s Almanacs and complete quests from the Warden for Flasks of Wisdom.

Head to the Event Exchange to exchange these items for Treatises and Special Doctrines!

  • Dimachaeri Siccae Doctrine: Reduces Siccae Torrent cooldown by 5 seconds.
  • Myrmillones Shield Doctrine: Reduces ranged damage taken by 90 points.
  • Retiarii Marching Doctrine: Increases the Movement Speed bonus granted by Trident Charge by 10% & increases Trident Charge's damage by 5%.
  • Historical Doctrine Selection Box: Choose between a Berserker's Assault, Shieldmaiden's Guardian, Rangers' Mobility, or Imperial Pike Guards Attack Doctrine.

Reward exchanges are available until November 3 (08:00 server time).

IMPORTANT: Any unspent Astronomer’s Almanacs and Flasks of Wisdom will not expire and should be kept safe for future events.

Celestial Sales: Save Up To 30%!

Go galactic with up to 30% off the following bundles in the in-game Store until October 27!

  • Campaigner's Payroll: Bronze, 100x Unit Medals, and 10x 1-Battle Super Unit XP Cards await in this useful bundle. (Purchase Limit: 10)
  • Spoils of War: The Spoils of War pack activates when purchased, then sends you up to seven days of daily rewards (provided you log in to claim them), totalling 70x Unit Medals and 35x 1-Battle Super Unit XP Cards, along with 60x Unit Medals and 8x Marshal’s Handbooks. (Purchase Limit: 2)
  • Heavy Weapons Bundle: Explode like a supernova in battle with this bundle containing 30x Powdered Silver, 5x Rare Weapon Schematics Selections, 5x Random Rare Artillery Chests, and 2x Random Epic Artillery Chests (Purchase Limit: 5)
  • Prospector Pack: All the resources you need, including 15x Powdered Silver, 5x Large Chests of Silver, 5x Chests of Resources, 30-Day Premium Account Time, and 5x Random Rare Artillery Chests. (Purchase Limit: 3)
  • Captain’s Bundle: Sail to the stars with a bounty of Bronze, 5x Magistrate's Memoirs, and 5x Rare Schematic Chests. (Purchase Limit: 5)
  • Weaponsmith's Notes: Hoard your loot with 3x Golden Keys and 2x Rare Weapon Schematics. (Purchase Limit: 2)
  • Shieldmaker's Notes: Stock up with 5x Golden Keys and 5x Rare Armour Schematics. (Purchase Limit: 5)
  • Armorer's Archive: Seek out treasure with 10x Golden Keys, 5x Huge Chests of Resources, and 5x Large Chests of Bronze. (Purchase Limit: 5)

Have a galactically good time during the Stargazer’s Wisdom Event!