You can now gift an assortment of useful items to your friends in Conqueror’s Blade!

Head to the in-game Store, choose a nice present for your pal, and add a message to accompany their gift. The following items can now be gifted:

  • Expansion Permit
  • Vault Key
  • 10-Battle Unit XP Card
  • 10-Battle Hero XP Card
  • 7-Day Premium Account
  • 30-Day Premium Account
  • 90-Day Premium Account
  • 180-Day Premium Account
  • Disguise Kit
  • Honour Reset Token
  • Gender & Appearance Reset
  • Cross-region Migration Token
  • New Identity Document
  • Scribal Service
  • Horse Trough

You must meet the following requirements to access gifting:

  • Gifts can be sent 72 hours after becoming friends.
  • Gifts can be given to House members 72 hours after joining a House.
  • The gift giver must be at least Level 100, and the recipient must be at least Level 60.