It is said that the sky was once bloodied by ten suns. When their scorching might proved too destructive, a heroic archer agreed to shoot them out of the sky, leaving but one to give light and life to the Earth.

Live up to this shining legend with Ten Sun Chests, now available to unlock via the Attire Chest menu (‘G’)! Get Golden Keys from the in-game Store’s Consumables tab to open up the Chests for the chance to claim rare pieces of Hero and Unit Attire and weapon skins.

Contents may include the following:

  • Protectorate General Hero Attire
  • Protectorate General Mount Set
  • Qian Officer's Hero Attire
  • Thousand Riders Unit Banner
  • Thousand Riders Unit Attire
  • Kanagawa's Eye Bow
  • And much more!

If you’re lucky, you may even receive a second item from a Ten Suns Chest!

Ten Suns Chests are available in-game until September 29 at 08:00 Server Time. May you shine bright like the sun!