As part of Conqueror’s Blade Year Three celebrations, we asked you to put your creative skills to the test and design a banner—-and the results are in. Using the templates provided, our errant entrants flexed their sketching muscles, and now it’s time to dish out some well-deserved rewards!

The winners will receive 2,300 Sovereigns, the Exclusive Epic Title: ‘Rally to Me’, and a chance for their design to be added to the game! Honourable mentions will receive 525 Sovereigns.


Diane (EU2) submitted this elegant forest green and gold design in honour of three years of Conqueror’s Blade, earning the first-place prize. We can just imagine this regal flag flying high above a troop of Varangian Guards.


CrstalValkyrie (EU1) presented us with this picturesque monochrome cavalry combat scene, netting themselves second place.


Third place goes to Dragonov (EU2), who combined Nordic runes, dragons, and fire to create a banner worthy of any true Northman!


Diane (EU2) also earns our honourable mention for their blood-red battle scene, depicting two more warriors on horseback fighting amidst the dramatic crimson sunset.

Thank you to everyone who designed a beautiful banner and produced all of our artistic entries. Stay tuned for more contests!