There’s nothing better than heading into battle with a pal at your side, and the Conqueror’s Blade Referral Program is here to make your friendships even more fruitful! Refer friends, play together to complete tasks to earn Referral Points, then spend them in the Referral Shop.

Simply follow the three steps below, and start earning rewards!

  • Join the Referral Program
  • Collect Referral Points by referring friends and playing together
  • Spend your Referral Points in the Referral Shop for exclusive items!

When a friend joins with your Referral Link and confirms their email, you will receive 10 Referral Points and they will receive a Great Chest of Bronze, Rotmistrz's Horse Attire to use in-game, and 250 Referral Points to spend! Additionally, when a friend you refer (above level 50) purchases Sovereigns using the official Top-up, you'll also receive 5% of their top-up value!

Additionally, if you already referred friends in the previous version of the Referral System, we did our best to connect you with all the users you referred so far. They will become visible within your Referral System as soon as both you and they ‘join’ the new Referral Program. Once that is done, you can start collecting points together!