Important preparations for the Pre-Season Update


In preparation for the release of the Pre-Season Update - which we can announce will occur on September 5 - some important aspects of Conqueror’s Blade will require a reset. This is to ensure a transition that’s as smooth as possible, especially as, taken together with the later release of Seize the Crown, the updates will introduce sweeping changes to content and gameplay. 

To be clear, this won’t be anything like the server wipes that occurred during closed beta testing: No hero or unit progression will be lost and houses and alliances will retain their holdings. Instead, certain in-game systems, such as the Auction House, Mailbox and crafting Depository will need to be cleared of all items. All that will be lost during the downtime planned for 05/09 will be minor and should not affect the majority of you too much.

To be wiped or reset on September 5:

  • Auction House contents: 
    • We will be closing Auction House functionalities 48 hours before the update launches - on Monday, September 2! 
    • You must remove all of your items from the Auction House as soon as possible. Anything still in the Auction House once it has been closed on September 2 will be wiped upon launch of the update and will not be reimbursed.
  • Unclaimed Mailbox items:
    • You need to remove all your items from your Mailbox before the update is deployed. The mailbox will be cleared when the update is applied to the live server and we will not be reimbursing items that were not claimed beforehand.
  • All items within the Depository:
    • If you have crafted items at the crafting vendor, you will need to collect them manually from the depository before the update launches or it will be emptied and you will not be reimbursed.
  • Tutorial progression:
    • Those of you who are in the tutorial will automatically be put back to the beginning of the tutorial.
    • Those of you who already left the tutorial camp will be assigned the first quest for your chosen region's capital.
  • Unit Locations:
    • All of your units will be moved back to the location of your personal camp. If you've logged off at a fief where your camp is not based, you may find that your units are not with you after the update. You will need to head back to your personal camp to re-assign them.
  • Weekly Quests
  • Base Camp locations
  • Player's Friend Lists
  • War Declarations
  • Daily Fief Quest progress
    • If you did your Fief quests that day before the update launch, you will be able to do them after the update launch as well.
  • All Pending Requests
    • Friend requests, House requests, Alliance requests, etc. will all be wiped on update launch.
  • Leaderboards (Note: Your career data will be saved, so that after you play one game the leaderboard will collect the data once more and arrange it as needed.)
  • All Messages on the Fief message boards.

To be retained after September 5 and beyond:

  • Houses and Alliances will retain their identity, roster, resources and fief ownership
  • You will keep your characters’ identity and progress (name, level, units, equipment, currency, horses, attire, Honour, Achievements, Mastery unlocks, classes, etc.).
  • You will keep all items in your inventory and storage. Items in storage on the website will remain on the website.
  • You will keep your Premium Time.
  • You will keep the items you have purchased from the website and the in-game store.
  • If you are at the top of any of the Leaderboards you should still receive the appropriate rewards.

To reiterate, it is imperative that you check the Auction House, your character Mailboxes and crafting Depository BEFORE September 5 to ensure that items are not deleted. We will not be able to reimburse you if they are!