The basics of combat damage in Conqueror’s Blade


While the rules that govern how damage is calculated are complex, the fundamentals are much the same as any melee-focused game. It all comes down to you and your opponent’s attributes, how you’re equipped and your actions and abilities in the heat of the moment.

Melee damage works as you would expect. It is a value calculated by your penetration rate against your opponent’s defence values, as dictated by your attacking style (Piercing, Slashing, Blunt). Meanwhile, damage is calculated primarily by how you’ve placed your attribute points, your weapon strength and the type of damage your ability uses.

Range damage uses the same principles as melee with regards to the penetration rate and raw damage. However, it also includes an additional factor which is the distance from your target, the further away your target is the more power will drop off. This is calculated on a percentage basis from the max distance of your weapon. 

Your Critical Hit Value is based on your critical hit value minus your targets critical hit defence, the higher the calculated value increases your chance to critical strike the target.

There are many ways to increase your damage as an attacker, no matter your weapon of choice:

  • Increasing your attack attributes through attribute points and weapon upgrades
  • Increasing your critical hit value by upgrading your armour
  • Hitting your opponent in the back
  • Moving faster than your opponent
  • Hitting your opponent with a headshot

Or, to put it another way, craft better gear, place yourself strategically behind your opponents, use your skills to boost the movement speed of you and your allies and if you’re ranged, aim for the head!