Effective April 13, 2022, we will be adjusting the Turkish lira price of Conqueror’s Blade content sold through the official website, Steam, and MY.GAMES Market by +50%. Any purchases and Sovereign top-ups made using lira before this date are unaffected by this adjustment.

This decision was made due to ongoing fluctuations in Turkey’s economy causing the lira to lose value. Though we delayed this action for as long as possible in case of financial recovery, it was ultimately necessary to ensure global parity with players paying in different currencies.

Players paying in Turkish lira have benefitted from a competitive rate since we first launched Turkish support for Conqueror’s Blade in August 2020; this remains the case even post-adjustment.

Our monetisation team is actively monitoring the financial situation in the game’s supported regions to ensure fair value for Conqueror’s Blade players everywhere. We may consider future pricing adjustments if our financial data supports such cases.

If you need assistance or have queries about payments in Turkish Lira and your issue is not addressed anywhere else, please contact the Support team.