As Conqueror’s Blade: Paragons battles rage on, we continue to assess the effectiveness and viability of our many different units. Today, we want to share some of the changes we plan to release for Kheshigs and Liao's Rangers on April 14.


We made changes to the Kheshigs' ability to kill heroes in a previous set of balance changes. Their average hero kill rate has since dropped around 14% compared to previous statistics, and that's pretty much in line with what we were aiming for. However, they are still very potent against units too. They can slaughter lots of infantry units using “Sabre Combo” in only a short amount of time.

Looking at the statistics, the Kheshigs remain one of the top units in terms of win rate, hero kills, and unit kills. Our original intention was for the Kheshigs to be a flanking cavalry unit with high speed and burst potential, making them great for harassing units. However, in the current meta, they can even break through the defences of heavy shield units. That's something only cavalry with heavier weaponry should be capable of. We want the Kheshigs to retain their ability to quickly assault from the flanks or behind but reduce their effectiveness when going toe-to-toe against shield infantry.

Skill Changes

  • Kheshigs' attacks can be blocked during "Sabre Combo"
  • The hitbox of attacks during “Sabre Combo” will be reduced by 18%, making it more in line with the size of their weapons.

Liao’s Rangers

As a cavalry unit that wields heavy weapons, we decided that Liao’s Ranger should be stronger when facing heavy shield units in close quarters. We also want players to be able to chain together skills for quick assaults or sustained combat bouts.

Skill Changes

  • We're reducing “Bludgeon's” cooldown to 15 seconds (was 19) and extending its duration to 4 seconds (was 3.7).
  • We're increasing “Devastation’s” blunt armour penetration by 21% and blunt damage by 12%. As well as “Bludgeon's” blunt armour penetration by 16%.
  • We're lowering the Fire Lance's firing delay by 30% and increasing the bullet count per shot to 3 (was 2).

We hope these changes improve your battle experience when commanding Kheshigs and Liao’s Rangers!