If you heeded recent calls for MVPs to submit evidence of their in-game achievements but failed to make the grade, that’s because Eldarko was better than you. As a reward for being in the right time at the right place, and for his impressive MVP score of 563 (including 14 hero kills and 12 assists), he gets to tell the rest of us the secret of his success.

How did you come to be interested in Conqueror’s Blade?

I’ve always loved this type of games (TigerKnight, Mount & Blade, Total War: Arena, For Honor), but this game is better in my eyes. It kinda combines them together. Yes, there are some mistakes and it’s a bit unbalanced but things are improving all the time.

What do you most like to do in-game?

I enjoy all parts of the game. Doing only sieges, field battles or resource gathering gets boring, so I like to do a little bit of everything. You have to mix things up to enjoy it.

Are you in a House or an Alliance? What is it like?

Most of us (from Czech Republic and Slovakia) are in house PYCb, as our previous house, Bohemia, never had enough players: We managed to conquer fiefs, but we just never had the numbers to hold it or level it up. We tried for a long time to get all Czech and Slovakian players together, but 20 active players just weren’t enough.

So we found a great group of (mostly Russian) players in house PYCb. They are really nice and we are now adding some balance with Legion and Regnum in Ostaria. We finally have an alliance of good houses. 

Where do you like to hang out and with who? 

I really enjoy games with guys from my previous house, Bohemia, that are now mostly with me in PYCb (like Dolfa, Rexinka, Kaldas, Uthredia, Pastelka, and many others). We’ve had some funny games; not absolute grinders, but pure fun. Easy wins are never fun.

What is your favourite class or weapon and why?

Longsword & Shield for serious games (amazing healing and great ultimate), but I’m probably enjoying Poleaxe the most because 1v1 fights are amazing with it. I always find a ton of players to kill during sieges!

What is the unit you most like to pair up with your favourite class?

Probably Spear Sergeants - I like their appearance and I can use them in many situations, but, for me, Fire Archers are the most effective.

I would love the devs to improve skins for some of the Ostarian units, because if you look at history, European units were always more heavily-armoured. I kinda miss this aspect in-game, compared to palace guards and imperial shields

Do you have any tips about how to best play your favourite class and units?

For sure, Longsword with archers or muskets. With those you can grind most units. If you want to kill some players, add pikes.

What is your favourite map and why?

Definitely Valley Fortress as a defender. It’s very well made with a lot of chokepoints and nice layers of defence. As an attacker, Kurak Castle: In most games, I get 100+ unit kills within four minutes just with Scorpion and there are a lot places for my longbowmen and fire archers - I simply love it!

Finally, if you could add one thing to the game (within reason), what would it be?

Some epic infantry for Ostaria, with big axes (berserkers); like the Mayong Iron Reapers. Also, reduce the rebel numbers - they’re really annoying!


Thanks to Eldarko for answering our questions, and for their insight and suggestions - all of which will be taken into consideration as Conqueror’s Blade evolves .