Guide to Mastery Point Transfer


For those that don’t regularly engage in open-world combat, Skill Points - used to unlock new classes - have traditionally been relatively hard to build up. Thankfully, since the recent introduction of Martial Arts Manuscripts, Skill Points can easily be converted from your Mastery Point pool. Here’s how:

1. Martial Arts Manuscripts can be sometimes found as loot in-game, or you can press F6 and buy one from the in-game Store for 50 Sovereigns. Once acquired, the item will appear in your inventory.

2. To use a Martial Arts Manuscript, press P and select the Skills tab. In the bottom-right of the screen, there should be a ‘+’ symbol next to your Skill Point total. Click it to bring up the Mastery Point Transfer panel.

3. One Martial Art Manuscript allows you to convert 100 Mastery Points into 100 Skill Points. There is no limit or cooldown on the number of manuscripts you can use - just click Transfer to complete the process.

Since Mastery Points are easier to amass than Skill Points (as they are earned from killing enemies in all types of battle), converting them is a convenient way to broaden your hero’s weapon options, especially if you’d prefer not to have to create a new warlord to try out a different class. Just remember that once converted into Skill Points, those Mastery Points can’t be changed back. To get more, you’ll need to fight!