Last week, we shared our thoughts on balance changes and laid out some of the challenges we want to overcome. Now, we are now rolling out a series of alterations to some units, weapons, and runes in need of modifications, with this first batch of changes going live on January 13, 2022.

Balance Changes

On January 13, we will be implementing several changes to units, weapons, and runes, in order to provide a more balanced game experience. For further details, please read the latest patch notes.

Unit Changes

Axe Raiders

The stats for the Axe Raiders reveal that their average damage taken is 531,100 (23.4% higher than the second-ranked unit) and damage dealt of 273,200 ranked first amongst all units (15.7% higher than the second-ranked unit), and their pick rate was 6.8% (ranked third amongst all units). This exceeded all expectations and intentions, and due to this, we have decided to make changes to their recovery rate from control effects, and their Spite ability to negate their overpowered passive defensive capabilities.

Modao Battalion

The Modao Battalion’s pick rate places them first amongst all units at 9.1%, with averages of 395,200 damage taken (ranked fourth amongst all units) and 157,800 damage dealt (ranking ninth amongst all units). While in Modao Defence, their damage reduction is overpowered, therefore we are making adjustments to improve their strength against cavalry. 

Liao's Rangers

We are not satisfied with where the Liao's Rangers sits in terms of their low pick rate of 0.2% (ranked 62nd amongst all units), average damage dealt of 163,100 (ranked seventh amongst all units), and low accuracy while charging (around 15% at 20m), despite being a highly unique cavalry unit. To increase their usefulness and viability, their accuracy rate will be improved and the number of bullets increased. The buff the unit gains from movement speed will also be increased to inflict an extra 15% damage.

Firearm Infantry

Using Tercio Arquebusiers as an example, which ranked 29th with a pick rate of 0.7% in Season IX: Tyranny, we realise that Firearm Infantry has a difficult time dealing burst damage in battles, and their accuracy declines at longer distances. Their damage decay will be reduced and overall accuracy will be increased, while an issue with incorrect sound effects being played when firing will also be fixed.

Cataphract Lancers

According to player feedback, the Cataphract Lancers are still not up to par following recent changes to their kit, and are sitting at a 1.1% pick rate (ranked 24th amongst all units) with an average of 222,500 damage dealt (ranked fifth amongst all units). Rally To Me will be improved again, and when the unit is near the commanding hero, they will slightly speed up while moving closer to the target.

Fortebraccio Pikemen

As the unit with the longest melee weapon, the Fortebraccio Pikemen should be able to counter cavalry well, but that is currently not the case. They are also sitting at a lower than average pick rate of 0.2% (ranked 62nd). Therefore, their damage to cavalry while using Brace will increase by 15%, as will the damage inflicted based on enemy movement speed.

Hero & Weapon Changes

We have noticed that certain weapon classes are used less and have a lower win rate than average. With this round of changes, our focus has been to make adjustments to two weapon classes in particular. We will continue to make adjustments to other weapons where balance changes are required in the future and will detail these in the patch notes.

Longsword & Shield

The Longsword & Shield (ranked eighth with a win rate of 50.11%) is the only weapon class capable of healing, but its effectiveness is currently too low to truly make an impact. It’s possible that this contributes to its low place ranking amongst all weapons used (ranked tenth at 5.5%). It is often the case that you're killed before you can heal; to mitigate this, triggering Mercy of Heaven will now grant a 15% reduction to melee damage taken, and will heal you for 5% of your total possible health for every 3 seconds of its duration. The area of effect healing has not been altered and will act as an additional ability.

Short Bow

The Short Bow is a highly mobile weapon, but some of its skills long cooldowns, detracting from the experience of using it despite its win rate of 49.84% (ranked ninth). We want the Short Bow to be able to better combo skills and basic attacks to improve its 5.8% usage rate (ranked eighth out of all weapons), so cooldowns for four weapon skills will be reduced.

Seasonal Runes

To increase the diversity of picked runes and balance their power, we are improving lesser-picked runes (those under 10%) and mitigating the power of those with a pick rate above 60%. This applies to both common and weapon runes. For further details about which runes will be affected, please check the patch notes.

Future Changes

Right now, heavy shield infantry units are at a disjointed position in battles. They can neither take nor dish out enough damage to be truly effective, making it difficult to utilise them well. We have started to look at how to change units in this category, but it will require a bit of extra time to conduct power and stability tests. We are aiming to implement improvements to the Imperial Spear Guards by January 27 but may need additional time. Keep an eye on patch notes for more up to date information.

For detailed information on all the changes in this article, please check the latest patch notes.