UPDATE (07/12): The server migration has been postponed until December 16. Players will not be able to transfer to EU5, and EU5 players will not be able to participate in the transfer until after the migration is complete. EU5 players can only apply for a server transfer after the migration is complete.

Want to join your pals on a different server, or just looking for a change of scenery? Server transfer applications will open on December 10!

You need to apply in-game before the Server Transfer takes place (on the release date of the next season) to be eligible for a transfer. Each transfer costs 1,000 Sovereigns, and your character must have left their House or Cohort for the application to proceed. You cannot rejoin Houses or Cohorts or join new ones until the transfer is complete.

You should complete all transactions on the Resource Market, collect items from resource piles, and delist any items from the Market before the server transfer takes place. Listings, items, and resource piles will not be migrated to the new servers, and will be lost if action is not taken.

On December 9, we will also be implementing a server migration to speed up downtime and ensure the competitive integrity of Territory Wars in the seasons to come. Midgard (EU5) will be merged into Siciania (EU2).

For a full timetable and any answers to your questions, check out the server transfer FAQ. Please also join us in the Conqueror’s Blade Discord channel for any changes that may occur.