The Cataphract Lancers have been reworked to a new and improved form, and in celebration of their changes, you can complete limited-time quests with them for epic rewards until December 16!

The requirements for the Cataphract Lancers have dropped to 260 Leadership, so you can charge into battle with the armoured cavalry for a fraction of the cost.

Earn the following rewards for completing the quests:

  • 3-Day Cataphract Lancers Trial Card
  • 200 Honour
  • 30 Unit Medals
  • Player Title: "By Lance and Courage"


Check out their improvements below:

Rally To Me:

  • This skill doesn't share a cooldown with “Cavalry Charge”
  • Improved the skill's collision detection for obstacles
  • The unit's movement speed changes according to their distance to the hero
  • This skill now gains 1-second immunity to crowd-control effects

Long Charge:

  • This unit's charge (including the charge from Rally To Me) lasts longer and reaches further than those of other units. As they charge, their speed and damage will increase gradually
  • This passive skill now gains 1-second immunity to crowd-control effects


  • When charging (including the charge from Rally To Me), this unit raises their shields to protect itself from ranged attacks and reduce the damage they take

Veterancy Changes:

  • The veterancy node 'Charge', which unlocked the Rally To Me skill, has been removed and is now a starting skill for this unit
  • Added a new node: “Raid” increases the bonus effect of “Long Charge”
  • Adjusted their veterancy node positions so that each line's unique features are more distinct

Unbreakable Lance Bundle

Both feared and respected, the Cataphract Lancers are among the greatest armoured cavalries that have ever graced the battlefield. Harness the horseback power of this unit with this special bundle, available in-game and via MY.GAMES Market, containing:

  • Weapon Skin: Unbreakable Lance Ornamentation
  • Cataphract Lancers Avatar

Bring this elite cavalry unit into battle with you today!