DISCLAIMER: Due to unforeseen issues, this promotion is not available to players in Russia and CIS, Poland, and Turkey. Our team is aware and is working to ensure that players from these regions can enjoy future events like this. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Paddles at the ready! From November 23 to November 24, you can take part in the War Chest Royale via MY.GAMES Market! Become the leader at the end of the promotion and you will receive a Super Prize.

To participate in the War Chest Royale, head to the MY.GAMES Market and purchase War Chest Keys.

You will see your username appear in the list of War Chest Royale participants, and if you hit the top of the leaderboard by the end of the War Chest Royale, you will win the Super Prize:

  • Antique Falcon Order Unit Attire: A Season I Unit Attire variant previously only available in the Seasonal Store.

Each War Chest Royale lasts for four-five hours (see timetable below for start times). Stay frosty, as someone could take the lead and snatch the Super Prize by purchasing more War Chest Keys after you. To win this battle, you must outbid your opponents by purchasing incrementally increasing War Chest Key amounts. You can keep track of any one War Chest Royale by checking out the leaderboard to see where you stand.

E.g. if you purchase one War Chest Key, the next player must purchase two War Chest Keys to stay ahead of you. If you then wish to surpass them, you must purchase three War Chest Keys.

Purchasing War Chest Keys makes it easier to unlock incredible War Chests (packed with items such as Scrolls of Renewal and Premium Account Time).

You can find your War Chest Keys in the Key Inventory.


Start Time

November 23

13:00 MSK/11:00 CET/02:00 PST

November 23

19:00 MSK/17:00 CET/08:00 PST

November 23-24

01:00 MSK/23:00 CET/14:00 PST

The following conditions apply:

  • The War Chest Royale is an open promotion and is held without a preliminary selection of participants.
  • By participating in the War Chest Royale, participants agree to their MY.GAMES username or nickname being published on MY.GAMES Market on the list of contenders for the Super Prize.
  • To enter, participants must purchase at least one War Chest Key.
  • The Super Prize is a reward that the top-ranking player on the leaderboard will receive at the end of each War Chest Royale.
  • If several participants pay for the same amount of War Chest Keys at the same time, the participant whose payment is finalised earliest will appear higher in the list of participants.
  • A War Chest Royale promotion period will be extended by 10 minutes if, less than 10 minutes before its end, any user purchases a War Chest Key and tops the leaderboard.
  • If the promotional timer expires before your payment is complete, you will still receive your purchase but will be ineligible for the Super Prize.
  • This offer is only available via MY.GAMES Market.