Meet your new Turkish Community Manager: Volkie! Volkie has arrived to watch over the Turkish Community in Conqueror’s Blade and make sure they have all the information they need, while having a few laughs along the way.

After a decade in Marketing & Business Development and another role within MY.GAMES, Volkie is now part of the Community Management team, and you may have already seen him streaming on our Twitch channel and chatting to players in our Discord.

We sat down with Volkie and chatted about everything from gaming on a Commodore 64 to his ideal Conqueror’s Blade weapon.

You’ve been part of MY.GAMES for over a year now, starting in Customer Support. How does it feel to join the Community Management team?

As professionals working with a fun spirit here in MY.GAMES; we are like a family. When I was a support team member, I was already working closely with the Community Team. Although I know the Community Team well, I am very excited to be a part of the team as a newcomer!

What has been your favourite moment in the Community Team so far?

It was the Clash event last year that the Community Team and I fought together against moderators and community members. We got beat up bad, but it was good to share the same fate as a team. I could say that the result will not be the same this time in this year’s event... Wait for it.

What do you hope to provide for and bring to the Turkish Community?

I have known the Turkish community for a long time, and I know their expectations. Although sometimes they think that I am a bot in support [chat], I will show them I am not and will always be there to listen to them. I want to be a bridge between the community and the game and have fun together.

What was the first game you ever played?

It was “Paperboy” on Commodore 64 - a newspaper delivery boy riding a bicycle in a neighbourhood throwing newspapers to the right places in front of the houses. It was really fun. After I got a PC, I started with “Prince” and “Civilization”. Those were good times.

What do you like to do for fun (apart from gaming)?

I am in love with nature and love being free. Apart from gaming, I travel with my campervan and my dog always goes with me. We are good buddies with nature.

What is your favourite Conqueror’s Blade Unit and why?

My favourite Unit is definitely the Elite Symmachean Stalwarts. They are very functional. Although they have shields and are strong defensively, they are also great for attacking every kind of Unit and Hero if you brace theirs spears at the right place and time.

If you could add a new weapon to Conqueror’s Blade, what would it be?

I like how the Iron Reapers fight, so I would add a Flail to the game. I think we have enough ranged classes, and a Flail could be a strong class against heavy armours.

You can get in touch with Volkie via Discord and catch his Turkish (TR) streams on the Conqueror’s Blade Twitch channel.