There are a few Units in Conqueror’s Blade that strike fear into the spirits of their enemies while also holding a special place in the hearts of the players who recruit them to their cause. The concept of a specific Unit being “iconic” can be for many reasons - raw power, ease of use, and tactical and strategic ability in battle.

The Winged Hussars were voted the most iconic Unit with a staggering 71% of the vote by Conqueror’s Blade moderators and community managers, and for good reason. They have been brought into battle 49,815 times by players worldwide and killed a total of 7,795,444 enemy soldiers (all-time)!

This 5-Star cavalry cavalcade comes equipped with lances and resistant traits. They use their swift attacks and long-reaching weaponry to decimate their opponents, all while not taking thermal damage. Inspired by the real-life Polish hussars, a mercenary force on horseback, the name ‘Winged’ comes from their elaborate uniforms, which featured a wooden arc embellished with feathers. Their primary tactic for battle was to charge at the enemy, overwhelming them with their heavy armour and fast and manoeuvrable horses.

In Conqueror’s Blade, the Winged Hussars benefit from many skills that make them so popular among Warlords from Longting to Ostaria and separate them from other high-level cavalry Units. Their Hussar Charge order can be upgraded to be unstoppable, meaning the soldiers will rush their enemies on speedy horseback, wielding their long-ranged lances to break lines and take down foes with ease, along with inflicting melee slashing damage.

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