Tyrell recently celebrated her third anniversary at MY.GAMES, and now it’s time to get to know her a little better!

Tyrell operates behind the scenes, making sure all the cogs are turning to make sure you get the best Conqueror’s Blade community experience possible! We interrogated her about her day to day life and being eternally stuck in Indiana Jones.

You’ve been with MY.GAMES for a few years now, beginning as a Community Manager. Tell us about your journey here!

I started as a Community Manager at MY.GAMES in 2018! As of November, I've officially been here for three years! I began working on games such as Skyforge, Revelation Online, and Armored Warfare which Conqueror's Blade players may be familiar with. From there, I started to work entirely on Skyforge as the main Community Manager with Juriel! I remember loving that time, working during the day and waiting for Juriel to log in so I could talk about communication plans and report back on players' ideas. It was really rewarding. We worked for a good year in tandem like that!

Then MY.GAMES was looking for a Community Team Lead. I applied, went through all the steps, and here I am. I've been working almost exclusively on Conqueror's Blade since August 2020, and I'm having a great time. I'm lucky to work with such a cool team of community managers, both old and new! They make my life at work sweeter by being nice individuals with creative forces, and they inspire me on a daily basis. I want to thank everyone in the team - BluntCast, KT_Peridot, Chibs, PabloVanu, Agaria, Juriel, and to all the new ones - Malveque, Milord, and Volkie. And the Content team interviewing me at the moment!

Walk us through a day in the life of Tyrell when you’re working on Conqueror’s Blade.

Wow. A lot of things. I get up in the morning, have my coffee and go until the evening. I often forget to eat because I'm so focused on everything I do. If I had to sum it up quickly, I first check that everything is going well in the teams, that no one needs my immediate help. I look at the publication schedules and the different processes, and I check that nothing will be forgotten. This is often the moment when I arrive with a wonderful “hello <3” to Azureus and look at what can be done in terms of planning and social media posts for the community. The community managers organise what they want outside of the big periods like Halloween or the new seasons; that’s when I take over.

I look at what the community managers are telling us about the state of the community, what the players are happy about and not happy about and make sure the producers get the message.

I also spend a lot of time in meetings, preparing for big events. As I write these words, I'm already working on Season X. But I can't say anything yet! Apart from the launch of Seasons, I'm looking to improve the lives of the community managers, so when we launch a season, I'm 100% focused on making sure everyone has the information. But all of this would be impossible without Azureus, who does an amazing job behind the scenes; I’m grateful for that.

Which MY.GAMES projects do you work on?

I also work on Lost Ark, and I'm always keeping an eye on Skyforge; I can't help it. This means I have way too many internal chats.

What is your favourite thing about the Conqueror’s Blade community as a whole?

Their presence. I spend a lot of time reading the feedback from the players that the community managers send us every day. I use it as inspiration for new ideas, to see what we can do with it. I appreciate the passion that Conqueror's Blade players have for the game and their intransigence about what we offer. I read the Discord every day with my coffee, and the players' comments inspire me. This is the first time I've worked on a game that inspires so much passion from both the internal team and the players. I like that we're in sync.

Tell us about your funniest memory with the Community.

The Clash, without a doubt - we invited the MY.GAMES teams to compete against Content Creators, from Localisation to Marketing and Producers. It was our first big event created and designed by the community managers, an original idea from Kaeden that everyone worked hard on. I loved all the preparation streams, and I loved being able to play with the community managers. The players in the chat were really nice and gave me lots of advice on how to play this new class I was testing.

And, of course, that famous moment of defeat. How long did we last? Ten minutes? Something like that. But I can assure you that we put all our heart into it. I really liked the community’s memes afterwards; I remember one showing Pablo carrying the whole MY.GAMES team. For me, it was a successful mission to make the community laugh.

What was the first game you ever played, and how old were you?

The very first one? I'm French, so of course, Adibou, I must have been five. But one of the first games I really remember playing was an Indiana Jones game that I had a demo of. The CD was scratched, so I was always stuck in one particular room. I still wonder what happens next. Then Dungeon Keeper. I spent hours there, glued to the screen. I had to get my parents to buy Dungeon Keeper 2 the day it came out (in the mid-90s). I was crazy!

Finally, if you could add any one feature or element to Conqueror’s Blade, what would it be?

More horses. That’s my final word. Conqueror’s Horse is what I want.

You can get in touch with Tyrell via Discord and watch the whole team on the Conqueror’s Blade Twitch channel.