We’re very proud to announce the Knights & Squires Update, the first content upgrade for Conqueror’s Blade, which will be adding new units to the game when it arrives next week. Of course, there will be a whole host of tweaks and changes, too...

At the vanguard of Knights & Squires are five new units making up the new Crusader line: these are predominantly heavy troops that hit harder and stay in the battle long after weaker units have turned and fled.  

We’re also adding Military Ranks, a progression system that kicks in when players hit level 60. These new ranks will show others at-a-glance just how advanced you are in the art of war! 

Matchmaking is being improved, so that players shouldn’t have to face players that are too far in advance of them, but might have to during moments when the population for one-off Field and Siege battles is small.

Some tweaks to Territory Wars include changes to the pursuit rules, and to the prestige cost of waging a war depending on when it is declared - surprise attacks soon to be rather more expensive than telegraphed ones  

Changes to open world treasure and weekly quest reward chests mean less randomness: you’ll be able to choose what skill pages you want rather than always having to accept what you’re given. 

Also worth mentioning are a whole slew of class and unit changes to help level the playing field, with a general boost to cavalry units being the most prominent.

Keep an eye out for next week’s planned maintenance period, during which the Knights & Squires Update will be deployed and more changes and insight shared.