The Conqueror’s Blade dressing-up up box recently got a little fuller with the addition of three new warlord skins, allowing those of you who like to stand out on the battlefield - or confuse their enemies by looking like one class but being another - a few more options to do so.

The Empyrean Order, Eagle Knight and Solar Order attire sets are available in male and female variations and can be equipped by any class. As with all warlord attires, they don’t change the effectiveness of a character or their equipment; instead only seeking to make you look even more badass than you already are.

Be aware that when bought in-game, the sets will be automatically issued to your currently-active character and cannot later be transferred to another.

Empyrean Order attire set (male) Empyrean Order attire set (female)
Eagle Knight attire set (male)     Eagle Knight attire set (female)    
Solar Order attire set (male)     Solar Order attire set (female)