It’s all very well having the shiniest armour and a well-groomed horse on which to strut around the battlefield, but if your weapon looks like it’s been pulled out of a bog then it’s going to bring the whole look down. No, if you want to appear all regal and indomitable, as all the best warlords do, you should consider buffing up your weapon of choice with a new skin.

Weapon skins are brand new to the game and are applied to equipped weapons much like cosmetic warlord and horse armour items. They don’t change the base items in any way, nor do they add or subtract from its attributes, but they do look awesome, which is pretty important in any medieval setting.

Honour Guard's Ceremonial Set (Short-sword & Shield) Crescent Blood Moon Blade (Glaive)
Knight-Banneret's Heraldry (Longsword & Shield) The King's Justice (Poleaxe)
Snow Leopard Spear Thousand Souls Nodachi
Brass Dragon Firelock Sanguine Scorpion (Bow)
Amethystine Shortbow Fiery Wrath Daggers (Dual Blades)

For this first release, there are ten weapon skins to choose from; one each for the ten current weapon specialisations. All of them are available for purchase as separate items in-game (F6) and cannot be transferred once bought - so be sure you’re logged in with your spear dude, for example, if you want to poke your enemies with your niftier-looking spear.