Conqueror's Blade Patch Notes (Updated)


01/04/2020 - Update

Please note that with Season II ending on April 2nd, the following will no longer be available in-game:

  • Khan's Edict
  • Season 2 Battle Pass
  • Season 2 Battle Pass Bundle

Patch notes

Imperial Restorationist Rapid Response System:

To increase the maneuverability of the Imperial Restorationists, cohorts will be able to provide support by being able to head straight to battle in lands owned by the Legion.

Warlords can join defending battles immediately by using the “Rapid Response” mechanism.

When Territory Wars starts, the “Rapid Response” button can be found on battles taking place on Legion-owned Fiefs, next to the specified Battle Line listed in the M screen in the bottom corner on the right. You can press this button to enter the Battle Line without needing to manually walk to the Fief and enter.

How to request Support:

  • Warlords must be in a Fief to request Rapid Response.
  • In attacks against a Fief, Warlords need to be part of a Imperial Restorationist Cohort to be able to enter the battle.
  • The Imperial Restoriationist of the local region can reinforce any attacked Fief within the territory.

Things to note:

  • Imperial Restorationists cannot respond to Rapid Response across regions.
  • Warlords battling via the Rapid Response button will consume no items or currency.
  • Warlords battling via Rapid Response can only carry artillery into battle.

Map Changes:

Increased the amount of Defenders by 1, now making the battles a 15 vs 15 for the following Siege maps:

  • Sun City
  • Riverlands Castle
  • Allenburg
  • Dasuo Fort

Allenburg (Siege)

We noticed that the win rate of the attacking side had been going down, especially at Point A/B in phase 1.

  • Increased the amount of Defenders by 1, now making the battle a 15 vs 15.
  • Adjusted the location of the banner at Point B: We noticed that the banners of Point A and B are close enough for the defenders in each point to backup each other. The path between high walls is too narrow for the attackers to access through limited routes. For this sake, we moved the banner at Point B to the wall to make it harder to defend and adjusted the respawn points location for both sides in this area.
  • Added Ladders on the wall: We added more ladders allowed on the wall so attackers have a higher chance to access this area. 4 ladders will be able to carry 3 lanes of units instead of 2.
  • Extended Attack Duration: To make it easier for the attackers to get onto the wall, we increased the initial game duration from 10min to 11min so attackers will have enough time to push the battle to the other side of the wall.
  • Adjusted Siege Engines: Since there would be 15 defenders instead of 14, we added 2 scorpios and 1ballista in the middle and the right lane for the attackers as an effort to adjust the type of the pre-deployed engines.
  • Adjusted the location of trebuchets: Allenburg is a well-structured city where defenders can effectively organize their defence with the help of streets and two layers of walls. We moved the trebuchet in the right lane to a location where it can cover a larger area for the attackers to breach defences.

Sun City (Siege)

  • Removed some obstacles around Point C.

Dasuo Fort (Siege)

We noticed that the win rate of the attacking side was lower than we expected, especially at Point B/C where attackers can hardly get any supply. In addition to changes in the number of participants, we also made the following changes:

  • Added a supply point to the wall on the right: To support the front line better, a supply point has been added to the end of the curved wall on the right lane for the point controller to summon infantry to fight. When Point A is breached, the attackers can make this place their bridgehead of taking Point B and C.
  • Moved supply points outside the city for attackers To better support attackers, we moved supply points closer to the front line so attackers need less time to get their reinforcement to the frontlines.
  • Added Ladders on the wall of the inner city We added more ladders allowed on the wall of the inner city so attackers have a higher chance to access this area. And one of the ladders will be able to carry 3 lanes of units instead of 2.
  • Extended Attack Duration after Taking Point B&C To help the attacker prepare their attack on the inner city, we increased the bonus time from 2min to 3min after taking Point B and C respectively.
  • Added 1 Trebuchet for attackers Since Dasuo Fort was a place easy to hold, we increased 1 Trebuchet for attackers, making it easier to attack with a total of 7 Trebuchets.


  • Added two masks to the in-game store for April Fools day. These items will also be available on the MY.GAMES Market.
    • Commedia dell'arte Masque
    • Unholy Fool's Headdress

Unit Changes:

Demesne Pikemen:

  • Added unit-renaming content to the node [Tenacity].
  • Increased the cap from 1 layer to 3 for [The Soldier's Life], the first node of the Unit Veterancy - middle lane, increasing the room for health improvement. As this change affects the structure of the Unit’s Veterancy we have reset the Veterancy points you have spent so you can build in this update over again.
  • At the start of Season 2, we made a similar adjustment to [Cataphract Lancers], changing the effect of the node - [Force]. The unit’s veterancy will be reset as well in this update.

Ironcap Scout Cavalry:

  • Optimized the layout of the Wedge formation.

25/03/2020 - Update

Patch notes

  • The "Get" button can now be used in the Campaign Interface. Allowing you to receive your Conqueror's City rewards. Additional rewards mentioned in this article will be credited separately.

20/03/2020 - Update

Patch notes

1. Activated Housebound Heroes Sign-in Event

2. Conqueror’s City:

  • When the Conqueror’s City is occupied, the influence on Nobility titles will be calculated separately. If control of the Conqueror’s City is lost, the control and influence will be cleared and reset after the weekly calculations instead of instantly as it does now.
  • Battle Lines visuals have been optimised. They will display differently depending on who is in each line. Blue is friendly, red is hostile.
  • Expanded the silver bonus pool in the Conqueror's City and the Gates.

18/03/2020 - Update

Map Changes:

Riverland Castle:

  • Increased the number of defenders by 1, now making the battle a 15 vs 15.
  • Moved the final supply point to the side area, making the area more valuable to fight around.

System Optimisation:

  • Optimised the Knighthood icon displayed in mails with titles.
  • In 8 vs 8 field battles, we have added supply points to the camp areas for both sides.


  • Added items related to St. Patrick’s Day.

Unit Balancing:

  • Added [Wedge] formation for the Selemchid Cavalry.

Khevtuul Cavalry:

  • Changed [Arrow Rain] to [Hunting Time] which will speed up this unit when they follow you and allow them to let loose volleys at a fast rate for 8 seconds. This skill has a 20 second cooldown.


  • Increased the base blunt armour penetration from 1038 to 1238.
  • Increased the base blunt damage from 1214 to 1306.


  • Increased the base movement speed from 8.5m/s to 9.5m/s.
  • Increased the base health from 7486 to 8757.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with the camera in “The Storehouse” and “Lesser Greenpeak Camp” Siege maps.

11/03/2020 - Update

Patch Notes:

Reactivated the Rattan Resistance PvE events.

Added 2 new Unit flags to the In-game Store:

  • Flora and Fauna Banner
  • Warrior Rose Banner

Map Changes:

Royal Ramparts (Conqueror’s City Gates map):

Based on data analysis of the Royal Ramparts map (the map used as the Gates for Conqueror’s City), we have identified that this map heavily favors the defending side making it difficult for attackers. We have decided to make the following changes:

  • Added 3 Catapults.
  • Added additional ladders
  • Increased game time from 13 minutes to 14 minutes.
  • Slightly adjusted other siege machine spawn points for Attackers and Defenders.

Conqueror’s City:

  • Players can exit the city by clicking on the outer gate, this will help resolve issues where players would get stuck inside the Gates when their ownership has changed. This feature has a 5 minute cooldown.
  • Optimised and reordered the icon display of the debuffs you receive in the open-world around the Conqueror’s City.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a problem where there was no yellow exclamation mark on the Season button once challenges were completed in the Week 11 challenges.
  • Fixed the issue with the challenge “Knowing and Making Friends” which caused the challenge to not complete if your friend request was accepted while you were offline.
  • Fixed a problem in the Royal Ramparts map where attacks could accidentally stop defenders controlling the main gate.
  • Fixed a name display issue for battering rams in the Gates around Conqueror’s City.
  • Fixed a bug with the camera where it shifted automatically in certain situations.

Known Issue:

In PVE Levels such as Bandit Camps, ranged units can sometimes lose their sight making them unable to use auto-attacks. This is a rare occurrence but will be fixed in an upcoming update.

03/03/2020 - Update*

*Some changes highlighted in an earlier post have been removed as they were found to have not been implemented as described. We will continue to keep players updated on any further changes.

New feature:
The Conqueror's City is accessible as part of Season II's Campaign. Please note that March 3rd's Territory Wars will be conducted in "Drill Mode". This is to allow players an opportunity to try out the new mechanics for themselves. You can read about Drill Mode on the events page. 

Ladder interactions in Maps:
In order to provide Warlords more flexibility on the battlefield, we have made lots of improvements and changes by adjusting the interaction logic of ladders in Siege Battles. Attackers and Defenders can both now interact with the siege ladders, whether that be building them or kicking them down, this means that Defenders can quickly get back to the city wall to defend their position, and attackers can also kick out the ladders after climbing the wall to stop the pursuit of enemy forces.

Auction House Guidance Prices:

After reviewing transaction data, we've adjusted the guided price in the Auction House for some of the following items: Unit Kits, Schematics, Weapons and Equipment Sets.

Imperial Restorationists:

Added an exclamation mark for notifications of completion of Seasonal Stage quests within the Seasonal interface (main screen) and the Campaign interface.


Artillery running out of ammo would not only block allies' artillery projectiles but also their movement, so we have optimised this issue accordingly.

  • Deployed Artillery will now be destroyed automatically 30 seconds after they run out of ammo.
  • Optimised the quality filter in the Artillery Workshop to make it easier for Warlords to find the Artillery they are looking for, the categories are:
    • Normal, Well-Made, Optimal and Legendary
  • Changed the requirements for the Tutorial Quest where you build a Grapeshot Cannon, into requiring you needing to build any type of artillery.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the Trigger of victory counting quests did not take effect in "Steppe Wuqing (Field).
  • Fixed an incorrect city gate switch mark inside one of the buildings in "Siege of Eagle Pass (Expedition)".
  • Fixed a bug where house member's titles were not recycled after the players deleted their character.
  • Fixed a bug where Warlords couldn't join a House once they arrived to a new region by using Cross-Region Migration Tokens.
  • Fixed a bug where Warlords could operate their supply dump in the open world after using "Unit Management".
  • Fixed a bug with path finding when heading to "Ungverija' - Mount NPC", previously warlords would auto-path to the Watchman after choosing the vendor.

26/02/2020 - Update

Patch Notes:

  • Extended the Battle Pass Season and all related items by 5 weeks. The season will now end on April 2nd, make sure to use your Fangs and Khan's Edicts before the Season's end! The seasonal UI will currently tell you March 11th, this will be fixed in an upcoming patch.
  • Added Challenges to the Seasonal Weekly Challenge interface for Weeks 11 and 12.
  • Added an exclamation mark to notify you of the weekly refresh in the Auxiliary Unit Interface.
  • Added a button to turn Auxiliary Units into Regular units once relevant nodes have been unlocked.
  • Added a reconfirmation pop-up window to make sure you are certain when you do the following actions:
    • Delete friends
    • Add players to your Black List
    • Remove Leaders or Teammates from your team
  • Added the Defender's Flag to the in-game store.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the abnormal display of the notification when you completed replacing Artillery when players did not switch to other artillery.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the model of Winged Hussars' soldiers separated from their mounts.
  • Fixed a bug where Acheron and Sobek in the Borderlands couldn't produce epic materials.
  • Fixed a bug where the model of the city gate switch got stuck inside the city wall of some Territory War fiefs. (Example of this issue could be found in Sobek, located in the Borderlands).
  • Fixed the anonymous house name displayed in declaration mail.
  • Fixed a bug where players could not preview the rewards inside Unit Kit Chests within the Seasonal Unit Challenge interface by pressing "CTRL+LMB".

Known issue: During Matchmaking battles there is a small visual bug in the top left of the screen. It has no adverse effects and will be removed in a future update.

21/02/2020 - Update

  • Added the following bundles to the in-game store:
    • x5 Khan’s Edict (10% discount)

    • x10 Khan’s Edict (20% discount)

    • x25 Khan’s Edict (30% discount)

    • x50 Khan’s Edict (40% discount)

    • x100 Khan’s Edict (40% discount)

  • Removed discounts on Hero, Horse and Unit Attires and Unit Flags.
  • Updated localisation for veterancy skills to better reflect their function.

18/02/2020 - Update

  • Stage 3 of the Campaign: Heart of the World has been extended.
  • Stage 4 of the Campaign: Conqueror's Crown has been delayed.
  • The Winter Light Festival will be disabled 1 day earlier than previously announced. Decorations will also be removed from the cities and snow cleared from maps.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the Rebel and Bandit Camps in the Borderlands did not refresh correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where some rebel camps in the open-world did not take effect correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where solo Warlords could not quit their Alliance or join other Houses.
  • Fixed a bug where Warlords could operate items inside their supply dump when they were leaving fiefs without weapons.
  • Optimised the information synchronisation speed of TAB keys inside the battlefield.
  • Fixed a bug where the Elite Node for Imperial Pikes incorrectly counted and increased damage bonuses, making them stronger.

Know Issues:

  • Stage 4 of the Season II Campaign: Conqueror's Crown has been delayed, thus the in-game starting time is incorrectly displayed. We will communicate in a separate publication regarding the release of this phase and update the in-game display accordingly in an upcoming patch.

06/02/2020 - Update

  • Due to the increases in player population, a second line is being added to the Borderlands open world.

23/01/2020 - Winter Light Festival update

New Content:

  • Activated Imperial Restorationists System 
  • Activated Winter Light Festival Content:
    • Updated towns and cities with decorations.
    • Updated PvP maps with fireworks and decorations, artillery has also been upgraded to shoot Fireworks instead of regular ammunition.
    • Activated Sign-in Event.
    • Added new maps to Free Battle mode.
    • Updated the Event timetable’s Free Battle Modes to include 2 battles on Sundays. During the Winter Light Festival event, there will be no Field battles, only Siege (Wednesday. Friday, Sunday) and Conquest (Sunday).
  • Updated the In-game Store with new Cosmetics and Consumables.
  • Siege Engines and Artillery:
    • Added 3 special artillery pieces: Well-Made Thunderstar, Optimal Thunderstar, and Well-Made Dancing Dragon.
    • Added 2 new fireworks for launching inside fiefs or in the open world: Bombette, Snapping Star.
  • Mercenary and Auxiliary units are now acquired and accessed via the Unit panel rather than the War Scholar screen.
  • Hiding Functionality: We have added a function that automatically hides obstructions. Players will no longer lose sight of their character when they move through narrow passages. Obstacles that would have obstructed player sight now become transparent. This function can be toggled on and off in the settings.
    • Before



Winter Light Festival Event Timetable:


Servers: EU West 1, EU West 2

Server Timezone: CET



20:00 - 22:00


20:00 - 21:00


20:00 - 22:00


20:00 - 22:00


20:00 - 22:00


20:00 - 21:00


20:00 - 22:00


20:00 - 22:00


Duel (Cliff Duel)

Territory Wars

Free Battles (Siege - White Elk Fort )

Duel (Drill Grounds)

Free Battles (Siege - Sun City)

Territory Wars

Free Battles (Siege - Dasuo Fort)

Free Battles (Conquest - Wuqing Plains)


Server: NA

Server Timezone: PST



18:00 - 20:00


18:00 - 19:00


18:00 - 20:00


18:00 - 20:00


18:00 - 20:00


18:00 - 19:00


18:00 - 20:00


18:00 - 20:00


Duel (Cliff Duel)

Territory Wars

Free Battles (Siege - White Elk Fort )

Duel (Drill Grounds)

Free Battles (Siege - Sun City)

Territory Wars

Free Battles (Siege - Dasuo Fort)

Free Battles (Conquest - Wuqing Plains)


Servers: EU East

Server Timezone: MSK



21:00 - 23:00


21:00 - 22:00


21:00 - 23:00


21:00 - 23:00


21:00 - 23:00


21:00 - 22:00


21:00 - 23:00


21:00 - 23:00


Duel (Cliff Duel)

Territory Wars

Free Battles (Siege - White Elk Fort )

Duel (Drill Grounds)

Free Battles (Siege - Sun City)

Territory Wars

Free Battles (Siege - Dasuo Fort)

Free Battles (Conquest - Wuqing Plains)


In-game Store Update:

The in-game store has been updated to include the following items:

  • Warrior Mouse Hero Attire Set
  • Lucky Mouse Mount Set
  • Lion Warrior Unit Attire Set
  • 5-Pack of Snapping Stars – spectacular fireworks that will light up the sky!
  • 5 Pack of Bombette fireworks – simple rockets that go off with a bang!
  • Well-Made Thunderstar cannon – a special festival artillery with firework effects.
  • Optimal Thunderstar cannon - a special festival artillery with firework effects.
  • Well-Made Dancing Dragon – a multiple rocket launcher with firework effects.
  • Winter Lights Fireworks Box
    • Purchase this up to 1 time weekly to get 5 Winter Light Fireworks, 5 WInter Light Lanterns, 2 x Well-Made Thunderstar, 1 Thunderstar (Exquisite), and 1 Well-Made Dancing Dragon.


New Seasonal Challenges:

More bonuses have been added to this Season’s content. We have now added new challenges for those of you who already own the Cosmetics from the Season 2’s Battle Pass. Take part in challenges to unlock variant attires! You can read more about this system in an upcoming guide!


Balance Changes:

Frontier Camp:

The number of catapults on this map has increased from 4 to 5, slightly enhancing the attacker's fire support.

Unit Balancing:

  • The damage taken by Kheshigs during the first stage of charge has been decreased by 30%, the damage dealt by Kheshigs during the second charge stage has been increased by 30%.
  • Reduced the effect of snow weather on units: slowed units’ speed from 30% to 20%.
  • When a Kheshig charge runs into an obstruction or is interrupted, they will no longer immediately turn around and keep charging. They will only return to their charge after 8 seconds or upon reaching the target destination.
  • The price of Rattan Ranger kits has been adjusted to 2,350 Silver Coins at the Weapons Smuggler.
  • The switch weapons skill for Iron Reapers now has a 3-second cooldown.
  • When poleaxe units use Brace Weapons, they can intersperse this skill with normal attacks (previously, they were only able to use normal attacks in the brace weapons formation).
  • Namkhan Archers will no longer get an extra 15% armour piercing bonus when not using Serrated Arrows.
  • Sons of the Steppe units will no longer appear in bandit raids.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed recovery point time interval problem on some battlefields when under Combat Protection state (invincibility buff).
  • Optimized the refresh rule of Resources Sites in the open world, now common and uncommon resources site will automatically refresh if they did not enter into low reserves status between 24 hours and 36 hours.
  • Fixed a bug where the Combat Protection buff of Respawn area had a short cooldown.
  • Fixed a bug where ranged weapons did not aim correctly when shooting enemies on high ground.
  • Fixed a bug where season level could not be increased after level 200.
  • Fixed a bug where Warlords could not change their artillery due to the incorrect artillery amount in Supply Point.
  • Fixed issue where Liquid Fire would not properly inflict damage.
  • Fixed issue where units could not be dazed by enemy attacks when using Brace Weapons or Stand Firm.
  • Fixed issue where Shortsword & Shield and Longsword & Shield units would ignore enemy slams when in tight formations.
  • Fixed issue where the player would lose control of some soldiers when the unit map was adjusted.
  • Fixed issue where the Eternal Vigilance Unit Attire would display incorrectly in previews.
  • Fixed issue on the Border Fort map where some structures had collision errors with units and heroes.
  •  Fixed issue on the Supple Dump and Lesser Greenpeaks stages where the battering ram would reach a gate and the gate would still be able to open.
  • Fixed stage issues on the Peacemaker Normal and Hard Weekly Quests.


24/12/2019 - Winter Event Update

New Content:

  • Activated snowy weather effects in cities, open-world and various matchmaking maps.
  • Activated the winter-themed PvP map: A Conqueror's Christmas.
  • Activated Christmas trees as lootable areas in the open-world.
  • Added winter holiday-themed cosmetics to the in-game store.
    • Santa Costume (Hero Attire) - 2980 Sovereigns
    • Santa's Helper Costume (Hero Attire) - 2980 Sovereigns
    • Festive Elf Unit Costume and Reindeer Unit Mount Costume (Unit Attire) - 1980 Sovereigns

Balance Adjustments:

  • Leadership for Tier-5 units has been adjusted to 350.
  • Demesne Arbalists’ damage upon hitting a second target is now 30%.
  • Javelin Sergeants have had their damage increased by 10% and Piercing Armour increased by 30%.
  • Fire Lance Cavalry's blunt damage is increased by 260 points.
  • Imperial Javelineers' damage has been reduced by 10%.

18/12/2019 - Season II: Wrath of the Nomads Update (part 1, part 2)

15/11/2019 - Rattan Resistance Update

11/11/2019 - Update

  • Activated a 50% boost to Glory in matchmaking battles, lasting until 10:00 CET, Monday the 18th of November.
  • Removed weekly purchase limit on the Scroll of Rare Glory.

8/11/2019 - Update

  • The town Mingyang has had its name reverted back to Kongshi.
  • Activated the system to Fulfill Missed Quests.

5/11/2019 - Update


The Season has been extended an additional 2 weeks to allow more time for Warlords to complete their seasonal challenges and obtain more seasonal rewards. The Season will now end on November 18th.

Seasonal Challenges:

  • We have added an additional 2 weeks of Seasonal Challenges (Week 6 and Week 7) which include challenges that require you to explore the open world, and equipment crafting.

  • We have introduced a Weekly Challenge refresh feature. Now Warlords can choose a weekly challenge and click “Refresh” to receive a new random challenge. Relevant rewards will remain unchanged and you will only receive 2 Refreshes per week.


Previously, the Halloween event, “The Vengeful Dead” would only drop rewards 2 times per day, we have added Bronze and Experience to additional playthroughs of the Halloween event.


The Archeologist Pack has been added back to the in-game store with a limit of 2 purchases per week.

29/10/2019 - Update


  • Activated the in-game Halloween event. This event is accessible via the match-making interface.
  • Added Jack-O-Lanterns to Augolia (Ostaria), Anliang (Maoyang), Daicheng (Liangyun), Turul Város (Ungverijia).
  • Added Halloween-themed Hero Attire, Horse Attire and Unit Attire to the in-game store.
  • Janissary Unit Attire has been added to the game. Founders Pack owners can now head to their website Storage and send their attire to the game.
  • Added a Pumpkin Head to the gold shop, limited to 1 purchase per character. This item is temporary use and will only last for 2 weeks.
  • The winners of the Warlord League, WereRabbits have chosen to name the fort "Schaken" to "Rabbit Burrow". This change will be reflected in this update and will be present in-game for the next 3 months.


We’ve made adjustments to the following seasonal challenges:

Hero Kill Challenges:

  • Defeat 1 bow-wielding hero during one siege battle (originally 2)
  • Defeat 1 shortbow-wielding hero during one siege battle (originally 2)
  • Defeat 1 musket-wielding hero during one siege battle (originally 2)
  • Defeat 1 dual blades-wielding hero during one siege battle (originally 2)
  • Defeat 1 melee heroes during one siege battle (originally 3)
  • Defeat 1 ranged hero during one siege battle (originally 3)
  • Defeat 1 melee heroes during one field battle (originally 3)
  • Defeat 1 ranged hero during one field battle (originally 3)

Siege Battle Challenges:

  • In siege battle mode use a siege tower to scale the ramparts once (twice originally)
  • In siege battle mode use a battering ram to break through a gate once (three times originally)
  • In siege battle mode use a siege tower to scale the ramparts twice (three times originally)

Trophy Challenges

  • Before: Earn 1 “oh No you Don’t” badge in siege/field battles
  • After:Earn 3 “Shatter the Ranks” badges in siege/field battles
  • Before: Earn 1 “Say Cheese” badge in siege/field battles
  • After: Earn 2 “Hat-Trick” badges in siege/field battles
  • Before: Earn 1 “Echoes of Achelous” badge in siege/field battles
  • After: Earn 2 “A Deadly Century” badges in siege/field battles
  • Before: Earn 1 “Spiking the Guns” badge in Expeditions
  • After: Earn 1 “Cakewalk” badge in Expeditions (inflict 300,000 damage without being killed)
  • Before: Earn 1 “Bloodbath” badge in Expeditions
  • After: Kill 150 enemies in Expeditions

The purchase limit for the Scroll of Rare Glory has been adjusted from a daily limit of 5 pieces to a weekly limit of 35 pieces.

Expedition Challenges:

  • In 1 battle of Expedition I, achieve A rating or better (previously A+)
  • In 1 battle of Expedition II, achieve A rating or better (previously A+)
  • In 2 battles of Expedition II, achieve A rating or better (previously A+)
  • In 3 battles of Expedition II, achieve A rating or better (previously A+)
  • In 2 free battles, achieve B+ rating or better (previously A)
  • In 1 AI battle, earn A rating (previously S)

For the Expedition Challenges, warlords who have already completed these challenges will receive the Seasonal experience rewards by mail soon.


The amount of honour you can hold at a single time has been reduced from 200,000 to 100,000.

Auction House:

After reviewing and checking trading data, we have found that the guidance price of some hero forging and schematic items were lower than the expected market price. We’ve raised the guidance price for the following items as a result:

  • Powdered Silver
  • Steel Shavings
  • Special Helmet Schematics
  • Special Chest Armour Schematics
  • Special Glove Schematics
  • Special Boots Schematics

You can check the adjusted guidance price in the auction house

Inventory and Personal Storage:

Items of the same type will now automatically stack upon entering your inventory.

Map Adjustments:

Harbour City:

After looking at the data of the win/loss ratio on this map, we found that the winning ratio was much higher than expected. We have made the following adjustments to help balance this map:

  • Added few covers near the left city wall to slightly narrow the shooting angle of the defenders.
  • Added one building at the front of defenders’ right supply point to increase cover against Trebuchets.
  • Adjusted the layout of defenders’ right respawn area, added a new path to provide more alternatives.

Augolia Siege Battle:

After looking at the data of the win/loss ratio on this map, we found that the winning ratio was lower than expected. We have made the following adjustments to help balance this map:

  • Added an attacking path along the city wall by point D.

Territory Wars:

We have made adjustments to the Commander system in Territory Wars. The commander system was designed to neutralize the influence of malicious battles. Some players are taking advantage of this feature to declare war on themselves and maliciously kick everyone else out of the battlefield after being assigned as commander. In order to deal with malicious kicking issues, we made the following adjustments:

  • Warlords who have participated in the battle and are in the top two-thirds of player rankings cannot be kicked.
  • Warlords who have only engaged in the battlefield for 2 minutes or less cannot be kicked.

Some Western cities with narrow gates have found to have defending advantages (Ellbogen, Westberg, Rozdaskaszat, etc.). Due to this, we have adjusted the ladder amount to 3 per set (previously 2) and added one set on the right side for attackers.

Weekly Quest: Fine Campaign Reward:

We have raised the possibility of receiving Treatise from the Fine Campaign rewards which are received from weekly quests.


  • Optimized the display of capture progress, now all Warlords engaging in capture can see the progress bar.
  • Optimized the display logic of resource sites in the open world and divided them into “collection prohibited” (set by the House) and “collection failed” (resource is exhausted).
  • Optimized the display of team stats interface in settlements. Now you can click a blank area to close the pop-up window when checking other player’s personal stats.



We have made the following adjustments to various III skills as some III skills are weaker than level II skills equipped with mastery points.

Shortsword & Shield:

  • Shield Bash Ⅲ: Increased blunt damage by 5%
  • Kick Ⅲ: Increased blunt damage by 3%

Longsword & Shield:

  • With Valour Ⅲ: Increased damage by 3%
  • Paladin Ⅲ: Increased slashing damage by 5%
  • Sally Forth Ⅲ: Increased damage by 5%


  • Bec de Corbin Ⅲ: Increased slashing armour penetration by 5%
  • Rough Justice Ⅲ: Increased damage by 5%
  • Halberdier’s Thrust Ⅲ: Increased damage by 3%


  • Lugh’s March Ⅲ: Increased piercing damage by 3%
  • Procris’s Gift Ⅲ: Increased piercing armour penetration by 3%
  • Return of Jangar Ⅲ: Increased damage by 3%
  • Heaven’s Fury Ⅲ: Increased damage by 5%


  • Arc of Steel Ⅲ: Increased slashing damage by 3%


  • Tiger’s Claw Ⅲ: Increased slashing damage by 5%
  • Avalanche Ⅲ: Increased damage by 5%
  • Samurai’s March Ⅲ: Increased slashing armour penetration by 5%

Dual Blade:

  • Marked for Death Ⅲ: Increased slashing armour penetration by 5%


  • Flaming Arrow Ⅲ: Increased piercing armour penetration by 3%
  • Exploding Arrow Ⅲ: Increased piercing armour penetration by 5%


  • Wrath of Artemis Ⅲ: Increased piercing armour penetration by 5%


Damage loss on ranged heroes’ skills:

After checking feedback, we have found that the damage loss when some ranged heroes are shooting through several enemies was inoperative. We have decided to make the following adjustment: Every time a Warlord shoots through an enemy, damage loss will be reduced by 30%.

These adjustments will have an effect on the following skills:

  • Bow: Lightning Bolt
  • Shortbow: Steel-tipped Arrow Ⅲ

Animation Adjustments

Currently the animation of “repelled” is similar to the animation of “knock down”, but only repelled can be cancelled by rolling, whereas knock down cannot. Due to this, many warlords try to cancel their knock down by rolling, which is not possible. To fix this issue and to make it easier for Warlords to distinguish these two statues, we have decided to adjust the animation and increase the displacement distance.

These adjustments will have an effect on the following skills:

  • Longsword & Shield: Shield Bash Ⅲ
  • Poleaxe: Push Back Ⅱ
  • Spear: Dragon’s Roar


Prefecture Archers:

  • The “A Hundred Paces” (Each level increases shooting range by 6%) will be replaced by “Mustering” (Each level add 1 more soldier to the unit).
  • Adjusted the maximum shooting range to 87m.

Due to this change, a “Unit Training Plan” reward will be mailed to the Warlords who already unlock the Prefecture Archers, allowing them to reset veterancy points.

Tercio Arquebusiers

  • Increased the accuracy of attacking surrounding/nearest units by 25%
  • Increased the accuracy of attacking designated area by 20%
  • Decreased the shooting gap by 30%
  • Optimized the animation when switching ranged weapons to melee weapons
  • Increased the efficiency for melee fights:
    • Increased the attacking speed of melee attacks.
    • Increased the melee attack damage by 20%.

Javelin Units

  • Decreased the damage loss cap from 30% to 20% for all javelin units
  • Decreased the damage loss rate by 0.5% per meter for all javelin units
  • Javelin sergeants can shoot through the first enemy then attack one more target.

Iron Reapers

  • Decreased the blunt damage for charge with flails by 30%.
  • Increased blunt armour penetration by 15%
  • Added the effect of knocking enemy heroes and units into the air.

Vassal Longbowmen

Due to the relatively long shooting range of this unit, the focused fire skill has some limitations. We are planning to replace this skill with a low cooldown ability which is capable of tracking enemies.


We would like to share some information regarding the design concept for the Winged Hussars and Pikemen brace skills:

Winged Hussars VS Pike Militia

Winged Hussars' charge can't be interrupted when Pike Militia using brace skills in block formation. However, Winged Hussars could easily be wiped out as they will take great damage when they charge into a blocking formation at high speed. This is the characteristic that we designed for Winged Hussars and is what we are intending to present in our game.

Winged Hussars VS Imperial Pike Guards

Winged Hussars' charge can't be stunned or interrupted by any brace skills. However when Imperial Pike Guards advance, they still can knock down, terrify or slow the Winged Hussars.


  • Updated the resolution of the explosion visual effect for Musket’s “Liquid Fire”.
  • Optimized the sound effect of mount display in market and character interface.
  • Optimized the display of attack/defend targets in the bottom right of the open world map.
  • Added a highlight effect when hovering over the mouse and the icon showing battle status.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes random epic artillery chest for Warlords whose nobility reaching level 90 had the incorrect items.
  • Fixed the incorrect display when clicking the border posts of current region in open world map.
  • Fixed a bug where items being transferred to personal storage (when it is full) would disappear.
  • Fixed the abnormal countdown display when the resource site is about to refresh less than 1 minute.
  • Fixed a bug that the character still maintained their in-game posture after being killed.
  • Fixed abnormal battle line display inside the city during territory war.
  • Fixed a bug where when matched battles started during recondition, Warlords sometimes lost their materials and equipment.
  • Fixed a bug that the house camp remain unchanged when a new liege was appointed.
  • Fixed a bug that the camera was unable to move when switching from eagle eye to observer mode.
  • Fixed a bug that Warlords in open world couldn’t see the countdown of rebel camps that are under attack.
  • Fixed a bug that due to network lag, the stamina couldn’t recover when start to sprint immediately after mounting up.
  • Fixed a bug that flaming pitch may be blocked by the city wall when shooting at enemies nearby the city wall in Kurak castle and Valley Fortress.
  • Fixed a bug that few soldiers couldn’t follow the order to climb up to the city wall in Sun city.
  • Fixed a bug that Warlords couldn’t climb up to the city wall through ladder on the right of front gate in some Western cities such as Ellbogen, Westberg and Rozsdaskaszat, etc.
  • Fixed a bug that the ladder on the right of front gate was floating in the air and unusable in some western forts such as Alter Westberg, West Verschollen Kastell and North Tolna, etc.

Warlords Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that Dual Blade heroes couldn’t use the “Alchemical Vapours” and “Infiltrator” while blocking.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes heroes could be sent to the wrong location when they were staying in some Western forts.
  • Fixed a bug with the Spear warlord where the buff effects of “Lugh’s March”, “Hurricane’s Edge” and “Heaven’s Fury” wouldn’t stack up.
  • Fixed a bug where the Musket warlord’s skills: Grenade, Liquid Fire and Deploy Caltrops could easily be interrupted and would then enter cooldown status.
  • Fixed a bug with Warlords who were getting stuck in the air or under the city wall when deploying the siege engines.

Unit Fixes:

  • Fixed the abnormally intensive anti-cavalry formation of Pike Militia. This unit couldn’t use brace weapons during charging.
  • Fixed the stretched model issue of Pike Militia, Javelin Militia, Ironcap Swordsmen and Ironcap Bowriders after their appearance being changed by unit training.
  • Fixed a bug when Archer units staying close to the city wall, they could shoot through it.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Move as One” of Winged Hussars was inoperative.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Rudimentary Medicine” of Javelin Sergeants was inoperative.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Reinforced Bows” of Ironcap Archers couldn’t increase the shooting range.
  • Fixed a bug where the first two levels of “Marching Drill” of Vanguard Archers were inoperative.
  • Fixed a bug where units were unable to enter battle after their status was reduced to 20 or 21.
  • Fixed the charge of Dagger-Axe Lancers couldn’t come into effect.
  • Fixed a bug with the buff effect for Dual Blade heroes’ where the Skirmisher’s set was inoperative
  •  Fixed a bug that made the charge of Iron Pagoda unit inoperative when the destination was too far.
  • Fixed a bug that the “Move as One” of Winged Hussars was inoperative.
  • Fixed a bug that during forming up, the charge of Mounted crossbow cavalry was inoperative and started to cool down.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes the Mounted crossbow cavalry couldn’t shoot after formation had been completed.
  • Fixed a bug that “Elementary firearms training”, “Tactical Formations”, “Espirit de Corps” and “Volley Fire Practice” was inoperative for Tercio Arquebusiers.
  • Fixed a bug that cavalry may get stuck into the city wall when the siege tower is in position.
  • Added a short CD for node upgrades so it couldn’t be interrupted by quick clicks. 

14/10/2019 - Update

Enabling in-game level boost event for level 60's and under. 

10/10/2019 - Update

Seasonal Weekly challenges have had their difficulties modified.

We have received a lot of feedback from players regarding weekly challenges and their difficulty. After careful deliberation, we have decided to reduce the difficulty of these challenges.

Reduced the amount of troops needing to be killed in the following challenges:

Field Battles:

  • In Field Battle mode defeat 20 crossbowmen. (50 required originally)
  • In Field Battle mode defeat 20 arquebusiers. (50 required originally)
  • In Field Battle mode defeat 20 javelineers. (50 required originally)
  • In Field Battle mode defeat 10 melee cavalry. (50 required originally)
  • In Field Battle mode defeat 10 mounted archers. (50 required originally)
  • In Field Battle mode defeat 10 mounted arquebusiers. (50 required originally)

Siege Battles:

  • In Siege Battle mode defeat 20 crossbowmen. (50 required originally)
  • In Siege Battle mode defeat 20 arquebusiers. (50 required originally)
  • In Siege Battle mode defeat 20 javelineers. (50 required originally)
  • In Siege Battle mode defeat 10 melee cavalry. (50 required originally)
  • In Siege Battle mode defeat 10 mounted archers.(Originally 30)
  • In Siege Battle mode defeat 10 mounted arquebusiers. (50 required originally)

Reduced the amount of instances required for Battle Rating challenges:

  • In 1 instances of Expedition I, achieve an A+ rating or better. (2 required originally)
  • In 1 Expeditions II, achieve a rating of A+ or better. (2 required originally)
  • In 2 Expeditions II, achieve a rating of A+ or better. (5 required originally)
  • In 3 field battles, achieve a rating of A or better. (5 required originally)
  • In 3 siege battles, achieve a rating of A or better. (5 required originally)
  • In 3 Expeditions II, achieve a rating of A or better. (5 required originally)
  • In 3 instances of Expedition III, achieve a rating of A+. (5 required originally)

Added Scroll of Rare Glory to Weekly Challenge rewards, which are obtainable after completing a select amount of challenges.

You will receive the following amount at each milestone:

  • Page’s Gift: 2
  • Squire’s Gift: 4
  • Knight’s Gift: 6
  • Marshal’s Gift: 6

Warlords who have already opened gifts before the update will receive the correct amount of Scroll of Rare Glory by mail upon release of this update.

KNOWN ISSUE: We are aware that the White Elk Fort Encirclement epic quest can't be completed due to a text localisation issue. This aims to be addressed in a future update.  

04/10/2019 - Update

We are adjusting the following Battle Pass items:

  • Falcon Order Unit Attire will be a Tier 65 reward (previously Tier 100)

  • Turul Set (Horse Attire) will be a Tier 80 reward (prev. Tier 150)

  • Knight-Errant Set (Hero Attire) will be a Tier 100 reward (prev. Tier 200)

(Note: Warlords who go above and beyond Tier 100 will still receive Conquest Tokens to exchange for other rewards in the Seasonal Store).

We are also adding two new items to the in-game Store (press 'C'):

  • Battle Pass Bundle (1980 Sovereigns): Includes Battle Pass and 100,000 Glory points. (Battle Pass owners can upgrade for 980 Sovereigns)

  • Scroll of Rare Glory (80 Sovereigns): This item will give you 5,000 Glory towards your next Nobility Tier. Up to 5 can be purchased daily. 

30/09/2019 - Season 1 Update

20/09/2019 - Update

  • New: Mercenary units 
  • Fixed: Beast Master pack now correctly provides 30-Day Premium
  • Fixed: Issue that stopped players advancing to the next Era, despite having the requirements

05/09/2019 - Pre-Season Update

20/08/2019 - Update

  • Decreased the number of roaming rebels
  • Fixed the veteran unit charge bug
  • Fort abuse has been addressed: Players cannot move until the fief setting message has been loaded
  • Fixed the 6 days log-in weekly quest
  • Fixed a bug where players could not acquire an achievement on first entering a fief

08/08/2019 - Update

  • Fixed a bug with the House management page where Fiefs were not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed the bugged animations of the unit: Winged Hussars
  • Adjusted the imagery of the Royal Dragon set for females so it matches the helmet appearance.
  • Added the old Royal Dragon helmet for females as a standalone item back into the game client. Players who purchased the Royal Dragon set before it was updated visually (July 29th) will receive the old helmet for free. (We will provide more details via Twitter and Discord once this takes place.)
  • The city of Kongshi has been renamed Mingyang in honour of Ming, the winners of the Spring Mayhem Tournament. In three months the city will revert back to Kongshi.

02/08/2019 - Update

  • Prestige for Houses now has a weekly limit of 100,000. The tooltip for Prestige in the House window has also been updated.
  • Fixed an issue where a female Shortsword & Shield character could deal x3 Damage with the Thunderstruck skill.
  • Fixed a bug where some resource spots belonged to incorrect fiefs.
  • Fixed a bug where the number of weekly quests was counted incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where weekly quests were not refreshing correctly.
  • Fixed a localisation issue when players received the level 200 quest.
  • Players can no longer switch units in the last 3 seconds of the unit deployment screen. This prevents an issue where players were adding additional units to the battle when switching at 0 seconds.

29/07/2019 - Update

01/07/2019 - Knights & Squires Update

11/06/2019 - Technical Update P0.5

Bug fixes:

  • Premium Account days changed from 30 to 90 for the Order of Chivalry Collector’s Pack.
  • Lvl 15 female Short Sword & Shield invisible weapon bug has been fixed.
  • Rebel Camp respawn issues have been vanquished.
  • House XP daily ceiling has been addressed.
  • Zebra mount attributes changed to be functionally the same as a default house mount.
  • An expedition map has been temporarily removed from the game while we address its AI respawn issues.
  • Bugs that caused Secret Vaults to appear too often and award high drop rates at the end of battles have been severely reprimanded. 
  • Silver bag drop rate changed for Siege mode battles: Lvls 1-29 - from 0.2 to 0.12. Lvls 30-54 - from 0.3 to 0.18. Lvl55+ - from 0.4 to 0.24.

Class optimizations:

  • Spear: reduced damage of Hurricane's Edge, Procris's Gift, Gungnir's Greeting and Full Tilt Charge, as well as armour penetration and reduction of injury from skills. Mastery point reward for killing soldiers has also been reduced from 5 to 4.
  • Glaive: Mastery Point reward for killing soldiers has been increased from 1 to 2.
  • Nodachi: Mastery Point reward for killing Warlords increased from 25 to 40.
  • Poleaxe: Mastery Point reward for killing Warlords increased from 25 to 35, and for soldiers from 1 to 2.

House/guild changes:

  • The max number of Warlords in a House has been adjusted, starting from 70 (House lvl 1) to 100 (House lvl 10).
  • House weekly Prestige cap has been decreased from 30,000 to 8,000.
  • House XP log has been implemented.

Other changes:

  • Upper price limit on skill pages increased from 1,500 to 10,000.
  • To avoid misoperation, the NPC near gear crafting NPC has been hidden.
  • Tutorial quest line reordered to help smooth character progression between lvls 10-12
  • Siege matchmaking level requirement from decreased from 15 to 12.
  • Lvl 10-18 characters have had a Pace (acceleration) change, from 4400 to 4825 (lvl 10) all the way up to 9425 to 9000 (lvl 18).

04/06/2019 - Open Beta

Big world

  • The regions of Ungverija and Liangyun are open to new characters (both were inaccessible during early access). Movement / transfer between regions remains locked.
  • The upper limit on forage storage for regional capitals has been increased from 500,000 to 100,000,000.

New items

  • Added six basic hair dye colours to item merchant, each selling for 1,500 Silver.

Bug fixes and general improvements

  • Item transfer from the Account Inventory has been improved
  • Server stability has been improved
  • House XP bug has been eliminated and excessively-gained House XP removed.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to resupply unit equipment in hostile fiefs.
  • Fixed a number of small text and button issues.
  • Server list UI has been updated


  • Removed daily purchase limitations on Hero XP Cards and Unit XP Cards.

28/05/2019 - Early Access Patch

  • Optimized game loading process
  • Adjusted the rewards of Match Making Battles, removed the diminishing returns on rewards mechanism
  • A “Dusken Pall” skill is no longer available for Dual Blade class in Stealth mode
  • The number of Secret Vaults a player can open weekly was decreased from 20 to 15. Only green quality rewards and below can be now obtained when opening Secret Vault
  • Marshal’s chest (high grade weekly quests reward) now contains 4 Vault Keys instead of 3.
  • Fixed an error that Territory Wars (TWAR) UI remained after it ended
  • Ping, server load information and “recommended” sign added to server selection interface (also, there are now 3 servers available)
  • Fixed an error where the progress of capturing flags wouldn't display in siege battles
  • Fixed an error of screen resolution determination for some screen settings
  • Optimized the requirements of fief quests
  • Added the lowest level requirement description when attacking Rebel camps
  • Purchased items from Pre-Order Packs & Sovereigns purchased in can be sent to your characters ingame using the Web Inventory system
  • The first TWAR will start Saturday 1st of June
  • Accessible regions for Early Access will be Ostaria and Maoyang



16/05/2019 - Spring Mayhem CBT Patch

Tutorials and guidance

  • New artillery deployment tutorial mission has been added.
  • Added more temporary units to tutorial missions.
  • New resources gathering and crafting missions added at level 15.
  • New appearance items added as tutorial rewards.
  • Some enemies in tutorial battles have been made weaker.
  • Quest icons (over NPC heads and on the minimap) have been adjusted.
  • Added a corresponding tooltip to switch unit when an active unit is almost killed.
  • Players must now finish at least one in the practice camp (vs. AI) before attempting PvP.

Houses and alliances

  • The number of alliances (Kingdoms) that can be allied has been decreased from five to three.
  • The number of alliances (Kingdoms) that can be deemed hostile has been increased from 10 to 15.
  • Adjusted in-game description of house reputation.
  • House search function allows you to prioritise the display of houses that are local to the region. 

Global Map and Territory War

  • Collectable random objects added to Global Map. These objects are specific to each player (when you see or collect the object, it does not affect other players - they have their own). Examination of these objects will provide a player with random rewards of different value (silver, crafting resources, consumables). Note: After being examined it will take 1-7 days for a new random object to appear.
  • A fief can’t be made to lose more than 100 prosperity points (equal to one city level) during a single Territory War.
  • Retreat, warlord death or battle loss on the Global map will turn soldiers in all army units into wounded: 15% of soldiers for PvP battles and 5% of soldiers for PvE battles.
  • Silver reward has been increased for owning cities and forts.
  • Inns added to the Global Map, where forage can be restored and units healed (unless a Territory War is in progress).
  • Rebel Suppression Orders are no longer required to raid Rebel Camps.
  • Wax Seal removed from NPC shop.
  • Fixed: horse model error in the big world.
  • Fixed: oversized siege weapon model error in the big world.


  • After various game activities (Rebel Camps - high probability, Expeditions - average probability, Ironman - average probability, Standard battles - low probability), the player may encounter a bonus reward interface. By using a Skeleton Key players can earn extra silver and basic crafting materials and equipment. Players may open up to 20 vaults per week.
  • 1, 2 and 3 Skeleton Keys added in respect of Squire’s, Knight’s and Marshal’s chests (weekly quests rewards). Note: additional keys can be obtained as weekly rewards by those with Premium Accounts.


  • Era requirements adjusted: Feudal Era now requires only two units to be unlocked from the Rustic Era. Chivalric Era - three units from the previous era. Silver Era - four units. Requirements for Heroic Era (five units) and Golden Era (six units) remain unchanged.
  • New UI and unit parameters/career visualisation added.
  • Fixed the following tier-6 unit bugs:
    • Iron Reapers were sometimes unable to attack 
    • Winged Hussars attack damage when not charging was incorrect
    • Fire Lance Cavalry were unable to shoot whilst attacking


  • Crafting duration for all operations reduced by a factor of ten.


  • Leadership removed as a Basic Attribute.
  • Basic Leadership value for level 1 warlords now 100. Additional 100 Leadership obtained at levels 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60.
  • Some achievements required for studying character skills, were removed.


  • New matchmaking bracket added for levels 10-20.
  • Matchmaking maps for “Standard Battles” are now randomly chosen when applying 
  • Daily and weekly limits for “Ironman” and “Expedition” modes removed. 


  • The chat function now has channels for each supported language (EN/FR/DE/ES/RU).
  • Game client will default to language-specific channel based on client language settings. Note that chat channels will only accept characters respective to the host language.