Soar to victory with a new Collector’s Pack!


Take flight with the Soaring Sapphire Collector’s Pack! This new bundle is loaded with brand-new Hero Attire, a 30-day Premium Account, three siege weapons, and a whole lot of Silver.

Available exclusively in this collection, the Blue Swan Hero Attire is a deep blue garment worn by a regiment of elite assassins. The expert training and singular focus of these operatives has sealed the fates of many bandit warlords who dared to plague Liangyun.


Soaring Sapphire Collector’s Pack

  • Blue Swan Hero Attire
  • 30-Day Premium Account
  • 50,000 Silver
  • 1x Optimal Culverin
  • 1x Optimal Cannon
  • 1x Optimal Grapeshot Cannon

IMPORTANT: Attire for Heroes, Horses and Units in Conqueror’s Blade is purely cosmetic, and does not grant additional bonuses or advantages during gameplay. It just looks really, really cool.

Protect your domain from the shadows with the Soaring Sapphire Collector’s Pack today!