Whether it’s a purse full of silver or a massive boost up to level 60, we’ve tended to be quite generous with boosting new characters during closed beta testing. This is because we want to create the conditions for certain things to happen, or for certain aspects of play to arise, which can’t always occur in a short space of time when everyone is fumbling about with barely any XP points or copper coins to their name.

The situation is no different for the Final CBT and subsequent open weekend, which is why when you create a new character, you’ll discover the following:

  • All characters will start at level 31
  • 36,000 skillpoint boost (enough to study all the skills for one weapon class)
  • All achievements unlocked (so that no skills are locked)
  • 100,000 bronze coins, 50,000 silver coins, 30,000 honor for your spending pleasure.

In addition, each new character will find in their inventory:

  • 50x Extraction Tokens
  • 120x Ultimate Scrolls for all weapon classes
  • 20x common Artillery Chests
  • 10x common level 30 weapons (one per class)
  • Light/Medium/Heavy level 30 armor sets (boots, helmet, chest and gloves)
  • 10x special XP books that can be used from level 21 (enough to boost characters to level 36) 

In addition to the above, a selection of Conqueror’s Pack items have been applied to inventories (so that those that have pre-ordered can see some of what they’re getting, and everyone else can see what they’ll be missing!)