Way back in September 2018 we starting offering the House Founder’s Pack, a pre-order item that had been carefully tailored to suit the needs of those that wanted to establish their house identities early. Perks of the pack included the reservation of guild (house) names, prominent in-game display features and preferential search options. With the open beta coming up fast, it’s time to give you an update as to how we’re going to deliver on those perks.

Reserving house and character names: 

  • During the open weekend, only the first house and character names created on an account will have their names reserved to ensure they are available from the start of the open beta. These accounts must be be attributed to a House Founder Pack. 

In-game display prominence:

  • Also from the start of open beta, the names of eligible houses will be displayed prominently in search results and lists, as well as in the game world itself.

Transferring house emblems from Guild Hub

  • The transferral of emblems into the game will commence after the start of open beta. Emblems will need to be individually reviewed by the development team to ensure they are appropriate and consistent with the world and setting. All approved emblems will be then assigned to their respective houses.

In order to be able to execute the above, after tonight we will be suspending Guild Hub functionality. From tomorrow you will not be able to create or disband a house, or engage in any recruitment. Houses will still be viewable via cb.my.com/guilds or cb.mail.ru/guilds, but that’s about it. As a further measure, we have also withdrawn the House Founder’s Pack from sale. To all those that invested in one, thank you! And don’t worry - you’ll be seeing the fruits of your house-building efforts in-game very soon!