As implied in the first part of our humble alt-career round-up, information in Conqueror’s Blade is as much an important resource as iron or wood - whether it be raw game knowledge, knowing what an enemy is up to, or just being able to draw on human experience to make informed diplomatic choices. With that in mind, we’ve conjured up a few more potential career options for those of you inclined to find more value in what comes out of other players rather than the ground around them.   

Traditionally the herald was employed by a local baron or lord to deliver the official news to anyone that listened. Heralds would also be the one observing battles and taking notes for posterity (famously, the French and English heralds during the Battle of Agincourt enjoyed the exact same vantage point - and probably shared some mead afterwards). Curiously, heralds also arranged rather more good-natured tournaments when their masters weren’t at war. Essentially they were medieval PR people, with diplomatic tendencies and some esports team management skills on the side. Such a role would be a perfect fit for any ambitious House that wants to get ahead in the modern age!  

While House and Alliance leaders are going to be the ones that dictate - literally - the nature and strength of the relationships that come to exist between themselves and other leaders, communicating via a wily subordinate will add nuance and subtlety to any diplomatic proceedings. Knowledgeable and well-versed in the art of communication, the ambassador has to work their way to a position of trust, while always remaining the dutiful outsider. As such they will be open to personal attack, but can also be the glue that holds an alliance together, perhaps even rising to become the true power behind the throne.  

While the units and weapons of Conqueror’s Blade come from a familiar past, the gameworld and all its entities are of course entirely unique, which means the in-game future is by no means certain. We know it’ll involve plenty of conflict and some shenanigans, all of which will need to be documented in some way so that future generations can appreciate the many and varied efforts players will have made to establish themselves and their significance.
Scribes and artists, through their words and pictures, will have a pivotal role to play in curating lore, whether it’s by reporting live on a battle, or merely capturing its intensity through some magical moving visual medium. Most will likely not know they will be aiding history until long in the future, but they should that their every word and brushstroke will matter.

Just as every village needs an idiot, every court needs a jester - someone to lighten the mood when the skies are grey, the coffers empty and a determined enemy is beating on the outer gates demanding your House leader’s head be delivered to them on a stick. In such instances, some ready jokes and good-natured banter will be as effective in stiffening local resolve as any 11th-hour cavalry riding to the rescue. Ok, maybe not, but perhaps during any uproarious meme-inspired laughter, you could make your escape and join a House with a sunnier disposition - one that doesn’t so readily sulk away the hours when it should be outdoors fighting!