Just as in the real world not everyone has the “right stuff” to become an astronaut, not all who play Conqueror’s Blade are going to be cut out for the life of a swashbuckling warlord. However, just because you may cower at the point of a sword, it doesn’t mean you can’t be useful to friends and allies in other ways. If you’ve been having second thoughts about charging into another battle, maybe you should think about following a slightly different career trajectory? There are more routes to being successful in Conqueror’s Blade than you might think!

(Just so we're clear, these are not formal class options - only suggestions for player-created roles.)

Traditionally a squire was a personal assistant to a knight or lord, often tasked with helping them into their armor before battle. Obviously, if you attempted something similar these days - turning up at a guild mate’s house with a milking stool and some pliers - you’d likely end up in police custody. However, taking up the mantle of the trusted acolyte to a powerful warlord is not to be scoffed at. If you recognise your limits but remain determined to make it as a great warrior, no matter what indignities you’ll be subjected to, learning under the aegis of the finest in the land is probably the way to go. 

Your PC might be clear of digital disease, but that doesn’t stop you from having virus software to ensure it stays that way. Likewise, if you’re part of a group of people that intends to expand its operations and be successful, it might be wise to have the most trusted among you keep a watchful eye out for saboteurs. Whether that’s by establishing robust recruitment policies or regularly patrolling your borders will come down to collective levels of paranoia, but know that not all your competitors - be they enemies or allies - will conduct themselves honourably at all times.

Spies excel at avoiding combat and are even lauded for their efforts at doing so. For them, it’s about gathering information rather than kills and trying not to be the one that cops the blame when everything goes wrong - intentionally or otherwise. You could be the type of spy that discreetly wanders the locality, reporting back on trade caravans and troop numbers, or perhaps you want to go deep undercover: going so far as to join an enemy house to lurk within its halls and report back your findings to the highest bidder. If you’re the kind of individual that thrives on deception, in spite of the cost to your mortal soul, spying may well be the role for you. 

Instead of stealing information, perhaps you prefer the idea of being the font of all knowledge for all those around you? It’s a good time to start learning your trade, with much of the game unexplored and undocumented. Just pick a subject, research it day and night, find a platform to publish your material and make it your own. With dedication and a modest following (and a solid grasp of the facts, obviously) you could soon become the game’s go-to crafting guy, or the best person to ask when it comes to which units to deploy when outnumbered and all hope for victory seems lost.   

(To be continued.)