How can I apply for a server transfer?

Select the character you want to transfer and enter the game. Open the system menu (ESC), select Account Services - Character Transfer, choose the destination server and click to confirm. The system will deduct 1,000 Sovereigns and the transfer will be concluded at the scheduled time.

Note that a character must leave their House or Cohort before applying for transfer, otherwise the system will reject the application. Do not (re-)join any cohort or house before the transfer maintenance.

Can I cancel my application?

You can withdraw a transfer application up to 24 hours before the transfer is scheduled to take place. After withdrawing the application, the system will refund the service transfer fee (1,000 Sovereigns), but you will not be able to apply for a subsequent transfer for another 24 hours.

Can I delete my character?

Once a transfer application is accepted the character cannot be deleted; if the character is not successfully transferred, the fee will be refunded to the original account.

Can I keep playing after applying for a transfer?

During the transfer application period, the character can still be played on the original server. However, please remember not to (re-)join any cohort or house before the transfer maintenance.

What will happen to my contact list and House information after the transfer?

After a successful transfer, the character's contacts list will be emptied and membership of any house or alliance will end. The character will need to establish contacts and allegiances with players, Houses and alliances on the destination server.

Which items will be transferred?

All items and resources in personal inventories, barracks and storage will arrive with you at the destination server. Unclaimed items attached to in-game Mails and the mails themselves will also arrive safely.

What will happen to resource piles and items on the Market and Resource Market?

You should complete all transactions on the Resource Market, collect items from resource piles, and delist any items from the Market before the server transfer takes place. Listings, items, and resource piles will not be migrated to the new servers, and will be lost if action is not taken.

What if there is already a character created on the destination server with the same name?

The established character on the destination server will keep their name and the incoming character’s name will be assigned a numerical suffix. A New Identity Document will be provided to any forcibly renamed characters to allow you to create a new name.

When will the server transfer take place and will there be any others?

We will update players via all available channels when the server transfer is due to take place. There are no plans for any subsequent server transfers, but that doesn’t mean this will be the last.

What will happen to my ranked score and other leader board data?

Any leader board data, included ranked data, will not be transferred. Career hero stats will be kept, as well as the career stats of your units.

I am a house liege, can I transfer my house?

Houses cannot be transferred, and a new house should be created upon arriving at the new server. You will need to transfer ownership of your house before applying for transfer.