If you’ve been eager to join in the fun of recent testing but found the entry price a little too steep, or, if you think cosmetic items unnecessary until you know what you’re letting yourself in for, we might have the pre-order pack just for you!

It’s called the Discovery Pack and it’s for those players that just want to get on with the game and get a feel for its ways without having to dress up in fancy threads. There are no cosmetic items, just a core bunch of useful boosts and time-saving bits and bobs, as well as guaranteed access to all remaining closed beta tests.  

  • Access to final beta test stages - guaranteed access to all remaining test stages.
  • 7-day Premium Account - gain XP faster and unlock a number of other privileges.
  • Military Treatise (x3) - enjoy a huge XP boost for your character.
  • Speaking-Trumpet (x10) - proclaim yourself to the whole world!
  • Well-made Ballista (x3) - powerful siege weapon with increased damage.

If you like what’s inside the Discovery Pack and subsequently find yourself enamoured with the game, you can of course upgrade to one of our regular pre-order packs at any time prior to release. Be aware however that the Discovery Pack is only available for a limited period, and will be withdrawn from sale on March 20th 2019.