Ride swift, fight hard. Rotmistrz's Hero Attire has returned to MY.GAMES Market, giving you another chance to don the dashing garb of this elite commander with a devil-may-care attitude!

The Hero Attire is available on its own, in the Lionheart Lancer Bundle (together with Silver, XP Cards, and Vault Keys), and in a loaded Collector’s Pack

The Hussar Hero Collector’s Pack also contains the Rotmistrz Mount Set which, together with the Hero Attire, is inspired by the Winged hussars, the illustrious Polish cavalry regiment who defended their country for more than two centuries. And that’s not all! You can power your play with a 90-day Premium Account, 80,000 Silver, and nine Optimal siege weapons!

Rotmistrz’s Hero Attire

  • Rotmistrz’s Hero Attire

Lionheart Lancer Bundle

  • Rotmistrz’s Hero Attire
  • 40,000 Silver
  • 15x 10-Battle Hero XP Cards
  • 15x 10-Battle Unit XP Cards
  • 15x Vault Keys

Hussar Hero Collector’s Pack

  • Rotmistrz’s Hero Attire
  • Rotmistrz Mount Set
  • 90-day Premium Account
  • 80,000 Silver
  • 3x Optimal Cannons
  • 3x Optimal Hwacha Arrow Launchers
  • 3x Optimal Ballistae

IMPORTANT: Attire for Heroes, Mounts and Units is purely cosmetic and does not grant additional bonuses or advantages during gameplay. It just looks really, really cool. Also, if you previously purchased any of these bundles in the past, you shouldn’t purchase them again!

Take flight with this extraordinary Hero Attire before it leaves MY.GAMES Market on August 10!