Now that the roar of the battlefield has subsided and the combatants have had time to reflect on Season VII’s long campaign, we can fully celebrate the achievements of those that emerged victoriously. These are the houses and alliances that, across their respective realms, managed to secure (or came closest to securing) Turul Város; the capital of Ungverija that stood as the season’s Core Capital.

Crystal Sea (EU1) winners: BestTiminG

  • DTInsanire
  • LostLegion
  • HijosDeDurin

Sicania (EU2)winners: FIRENATION

  • SchwarzeLegion

Midgard (EU5) winners: THREEHUNDREDS

  • Forsaken
  • Mercenary

Cloudwing Valley (NA2) winners: YellowTurbans

  • Digital Order
  • Radiance
  • Atlas

Eagle Range (NA3) winners: Trinity

  • Unbroken
  • Empyrean
  • Leviathan

As we lavish the great armies that conquered Season VII with rewards, we remind you to keep vigilant for any news, because as sure as a storm follows the calm, a new season of campaigning will soon be here.