While there’s an impressive variety of resources to gather in Conqueror’s Blade, ranging from things like iron ore, wood, food and wool, the game’s crafting system is actually very simple. Fundamentally it’s about getting the raw materials to the site of production and then getting the produced goods to where they are needed, be that into storage, directly into the hands of an army (in the case of food supplies), or taken to market to help bring in revenue to acquire resources that can’t otherwise be sourced locally.

Production of personal and unit weapons and armor, as well as artillery equipment, is undertaken by NPC builders in neutral or friendly towns, while siege equipment such as towers, trebuchets and battering rams, is constructed in player Workshops. Using a leased small, medium or large Wagon, production resources are brought to settlements and Workshops, while the finished items can either be assigned to units within the city, or shipped out, ideally under escort, to a Warlord’s own Personal Camp (currently restricted to settlements), where the items are stored in the Armoury until they are needed.

While creating or upgrading a unit via the Barracks, or when assigning siege equipment to your army, supplies will, of course, be limited to those you either produce or buy from the market. The point is that even the most successful army will need a cache of equipment and raw material supplies, especially when operating far from production centers, which makes caravans and resource security an important consideration for any sustained military campaign.